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Year 2014: moderate growth for the Swiss watch industry

In 2014 fares of the Swiss watch industry recorded a complete estimation of 22.2 billion francs, relating to an increment of 1.9% compared to 2013.

Watch sends out stayed positive over the course of the year, regardless of a steady loss of energy. While the primary half-year saw an increment in estimation of 3.1%, development was just 0.8% in the second half with a negative pattern saw in November and December, connected to the fall occasions in Hong Kong and the decay of the Chinese market.

Fares by the Swiss watch industry comprised basically of wristwatches. With an estimation of 21.0 billion francs, these represented almost 95% of absolute fares. 28.6 million watches left Switzerland in 2014, practically a large portion of 1,000,000 more than in 2013.

Development was floated by mechanical watches, which recorded upswings both in worth and volume terms (+3.4% and +8.8% separately). They represented a little more than a fourth of watches sent out and produced almost 80% of deals. Quartz watches deteriorated in volume terms (- 0.9%) and lost a few focuses as far as worth (- 4.1%).

Concerning, the American mainland (+4.5%) recorded better than expected development, on account of the United States (+6.2%). Asia recorded an upswing of 2.8%, though with variations between business sectors. Hong Kong achieved a similar level as in 2013. The main market for Swiss watch trades organized a recuperation in the principal half-year, however showed little development in the subsequent half, prior to reaching a stopping point toward the finish of the time frame. On a more extensive scale, China showed a similar profile anyway the eventual outcome was negative (- 3.1%). Notwithstanding a stoppage which produced results in September, Japan (+15.2%) finished the year with a great outcome. Center Eastern business sectors likewise enrolled solid increments, anyway the best entertainer was South Korea (+18.5%) which kept on flooding ahead.

Europe finished the time frame with a decrease of 1.2%. Not all business sectors followed a similar pattern. Italy stayed stable (+0.5%), while Germany (- 6.4%) and France (- 6.0%) recorded slumps of comparative greatness. The United Kingdom (+2.3%) and Spain (+9.8%) recorded better than expected outcomes, while Russia (- 1.2%) finished the year marginally beneath its 2013 level.

The table underneath shows the pattern in the January-December 2014 period in the fifteen primary business sectors (complete an incentive in million Swiss Francs and % variety by comparison with 2013):


Hong Kong 4,122.9 0.0%


USA 2,377.7 +6.2%


China 1,401.5 -3.1%


Japan 1,330.6 +15.2%


Italy 1,235.0 +0.5%


Germany 1,223.7 -6.4%


Singapore 1,119.8 -1.4%


France 1,119.3 -6.0%


UAE 1,017.6 +8.9%


United Kingdom 973.8 +2.3%


South Korea 636.5 +18.5%


Spain 466.5 +9.8%


Taiwan 443.9 +3.0%


Saudi Arabia 391.4 +11.1%


Russia 276.4 -1.2%

In a setting which is unmistakably less hearty, particularly after the new move by the Swiss national bank to eliminate the 1.20 stake in the EUR/CHF swapping scale, figures have been reconsidered. In 2015, watch trades are relied upon to stay stable comparable to 2014. Swapping scale changes specifically will keep on being observed intently and the aftereffects of the primary long periods of 2015 will be unequivocal in evaluating the overall circumstance.