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Why Vacheron Constantin’s new FiftySix line is so important

Why Vacheron Constantin’s new FiftySix line is so important

When Vacheron Constantin, one of the world’s most established producers of extravagance Swiss watches , discharges another line, obviously, the watch world pays heed. For one, it’s not something they do frequently. In any case, furthermore, and in particular for this situation, their most up to date line monikered FiftySix, is vital in light of the fact that in looking to the past the brand is solidifying their future.

The Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Tourbillon

With the point of engaging a whole — more youthful — gathering of demographic, these watches have been equipped in the consistently well known vintage feel with a contemporary wind . The brand broadcasting their most current line, “ingrains an advanced force equipped for opening up the universe of fine watchmaking to each lover.” Do take note of, the least estimated model actually rings up at almost $12-thousand.

FiftySix is designed according to an especially mainstream model, the 6073, which I figure you can figure, was delivered in 1956. During the 1950’s Vacheron Constantin’s watches were overflowing with the collaboration of old style dials close by intense, present day cases. Today, their FiftySix assortment draws motivation from these plans, yet the progressive thoughts behind them, combining the old and new.

In a more exacting sense, you’ll see solid stylish ties between the FiftySix line and the ref. 6073, including the Maltese cross, the brand’s image, which has been coordinated into the dial, drags and rotor. You’ll additionally see the crate style sapphire precious stone which is an unpretentious reference to the Plexiglas or mineral glass gems utilized the greater part a century prior. Two new, and most prominent highlights, are that these watches are accessible in rose gold and tempered steel. This is the first run through the brand has offered these metals simultaneously in a similar assortment.

The FiftySix was intended to attract more youthful crowds, however is still more than $12k (photograph civility of Monochrome Watches)

But, to the more noteworthy point, the feeling behind this new line of watches is the reason it is so significant. Indeed, the watches look extraordinary and are made with the absolute best materials and horological innovation today. However, it’s Vacheron Constantin’s standpoint towards the fate of their own image, yet where the business is going, is the thing that makes this new line so prominent. Established in Geneva in 1755, Vacheron Constantin has obviously had the option to stand the trial of time with unrivaled craftsmanship and brand acknowledgment. This is another time, however, and watch brands are beginning to understand that to endure and flourish, they need to engage the new age of watch devotees and gatherers. Vacheron Constantin is doing this and they’re doing it in their as own would prefer, and they’re doing it outstandingly. In planning ahead they comprehend they should in any case embrace their past, and everything about this assortment is a great portrayal of who they are today and as they look forward.