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What Makes Patek Philippe So Special?

What Makes Patek Philippe So Special?

If you have at any point thought about what is a Patek and what causes it so extraordinary you to have come to the correct spot. Patek Philippe is all around viewed as the makers of the world’s best watches. Their reputation among Swiss extravagance brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet sets them in a classification above any other individual in the industry. Maintaining the chief situation against such a competition addressed by the other extravagance Swiss brands takes something exceptionally uncommon, yet Patek Philipe appears to oversee it without breaking a sweat. So we set out to respond to the topic of exactly what it is that makes Patek Philippe’s watches so unique, thus very collectible.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711R


Inventing probably the most great complications at any point found in a watch, Patek Philippe has no equivalent with regards to designing virtuosity. The originator of the perpetual calendar, which naturally acclimates to compensate for jump a long time just as the distinctive number of days in a month, the brand likewise spearheaded the moment repeater, split-second hand and the chronograph.

Founded in 1839, and a ceaseless concern from that point onward, it has been under the sole control of the Stern family since 1932; presently in its fourth era, they are the remainder of the family-claimed Genevan watchmakers, completely free of the impulses of investors and with over 80 years of consistency in both way of thinking and quality.

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 18K Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph


Rolex broadly make 1,000,000 watches per year. Patek broadly have made 1,000,000 watches since 1839. The creation interaction at their Plan-les-Ouates fabricate in Geneva is so seriously definite that even the most straightforward models bearing their name take as much as nine months each to complete. Their most complex pieces, for example, the Sky Moon Tourbillon, can frequently be underway for a very long time or more.

There is nothing of the sort as an alternate route at Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Stainless Steel Mono-Pusher Doctors Chronograph Reference 130


The quality and scrupulousness that is filled each Patek Philippe watch that leaves the processing plant is amazing. Their cases are as yet made utilizing customary cycles tracing all the way back to the nineteenth century, mastery which has been gone down through generations.

Their developments, similar to each component of each watch, are completely created in-house, hand-collected, and experience a degree of completing and ornamentation not at all like some other. Each plate and extension in a Patek type is inclined on the inside and outside edges and the tops are brushed and decorated.

The dials alone can take somewhere in the range of four and a half year to complete, experiencing up to 200 separate procedures.

In acknowledgment as to exactly how a long ways in front of the competition they are, in 2009 Patek broke with the Geneva Seal Bureau following 123 years. The Bureau set up the rules for the nature of watch developments worked in Geneva, as a method of securing the standing the city had fashioned for itself as the home of fine watchmaking.

Once a solid sponsor of the Seal, Patek had felt the guidelines set down were becoming too merciful as of late and begged them to strengthen the prerequisites. At the point when the authority body refused to do as such, the brand had to come up with injuries of their own.

The Patek Philippe Seal encompasses all parts of every individual watch; from its case and dial completely through to the spring bars for the tie. To the extent timekeeping precision, Patek’s willful guidelines are much more draconian than those requested by either the Geneva Seal or the COSC. For types of 20mm or more, they should have the option to keep time to inside – 3/+2 seconds every day. For those under 20mm, its – 5/+4 seconds a day.

In expansion, they offer the horology world’s first-since forever lifetime administration vow. So any Patek Philippe observe at any point made can now be kept up and reestablished, tracing all the way back to 1839.

Patek Philippe is among the most perceived watchmakers in Europe


There aren’t many, however there a few names in watch gathering that are as almost a ‘definitely’ speculation shrewd as you can get, and Patek Philippe is one of them.

A direct result of their inconceivably top notch produce, combined with their extraordinary shortage, implies they have consistently delighted in a great resale value.

In late years, costs for vintage, and not especially old vintage, models have detonated. On the off chance that you had offered yourself one of the first Nautilus range during the 1970s, for example, you would have seen your $3,000 expense worth more than $50,000 today.

The message is clear; whichever piece you own, it pays to care for it.

Patek Phillipe divulged some delightful watches at Baselworld 2018


Patek’s standing has been assembled totally on their watchmaking ability instead of on any smooth advertising or sponsorship of major games (in spite of the fact that their ‘You Never Actually Own A Patek Philippe’ … crusade surely sticks in the mind).

Among watch fans there is not any more worshipped name, a reality supported by taking a gander at a portion of the record-breaking accomplishments they have chalked up.

Their Graves Supercomplication, a pocket watch that required three years to plan and another five to assemble, sold in November 2014 for $24,000,000—working out as $1M per work. It isn’t just the most costly pocket observe ever, it is likewise the most complicated mechanical watch worked without the utilization of computers.

They have since proceeded to top their own accomplishment when they delivered the Caliber 89 for the brand’s 150th commemoration, complete with 33 complications, 24 hands, and 1,728 components, making it the most complex pocket observe at any point made, period.

And for their 175th birthday celebration, they delivered the Grandmaster Chime, packing 20 complications inside its $2.6M structure, the most found in a wristwatch.

Having raised watchmaking into the genuine domain of compelling artwork, the brand’s standing for being at the actual apex of the business is irreproachable.

A name that is the epitome of notoriety, quality, and custom, there isn’t anything else very like a Patek Philippe.

Stainless steel Patek Philippe Nautilus watches are probably the best ventures around.


Patek Philippe’s super complicated watches selling for uber amounts of cash at closeout is a notable event, and there are many well-reported cases of Patek Philippe watches selling for record-breaking esteems. In any case, past the perpetual calendars and moment repeaters, Patek’s stainless steel sports watches – in particular the Nautilus and Aquanaut – are encountering the very hyper momentary appreciation that is normal for a portion of Rolex’s most notorious expert models like the Daytona, GMT-Master, and Submariner.

Today, a Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711/1A retails for generally $30,000. Anyway because of overpowering interest and a moderately fixed stock, shortlists at vendors range numerous years long, and stainless steel Patek Nautilus watches are practically impossible – without paying a lofty premium in price.

Modern ref. 5711 Patek Philippe Nautilus watches on the optional market – those that are accessible for guaranteed buy – sell for between 100% to 200% over their unique retail cost, with specific models pushing the six-figure mark. Should you be one of the fortunate people ready to get one of these notable watches at its retail value, you could promptly leave the store, into a used seller, and quickly twofold or triple your cash. Also, that is only one more motivation behind why Patek Philippe watches are so special.