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Vintage Submariners: Reference 5512 and 5513

Vintage Submariners: Reference 5512 and 5513

The Untrained Eye

To numerous genuine Rolex gatherers, the exemplary Submariner doesn’t include a date show. Albeit the Submariner line was first presented in 1954, it was not until longer than 10 years after the fact, with the presentation of the reference 1680, that it saw the expansion of a date complication and Cyclops amplification focal point. Today we will acquaint you with two notorious references from the non-date period, the Rolex 5512 and the Rolex 5513 models.

Rolex Submariner 5512 models. Left has the square crown monitors and right has the pointed crown guards.

Original Intention

As the Submariner was initially intended to be an accuracy device observe instead of an extravagance thing or superficial point of interest, the exemplary Rolex Submariner was at first offered in just treated steel. Moreover, as it was proposed to be a timekeeping companion for SCUBA jumpers to utilize while submerged, a date complication was considered to be a superfluous component. Therefore, all early Submariner emphasess included time-just shows with pivoting bezels and profoundly readable, dark dials.

The Minor Difference: The 5512 and 5513

To many, the reference 5512 and the reference 5513 imprint the finish of the “exemplary vintage Submariner”, as these were the last non-date showing Submariner references to include acrylic gems. To the undeveloped eye, the reference 5512 and 5513 are close indistinguishable watches. The two references share a similar tempered steel case, crown, bezel, and arm band, and the two watches get fitted with dark dials, time-just shows, and acrylic crystals.

In expansion to being outwardly very much like, the reference 5512 and the reference 5513 have creation periods that cover. The lone regions in which these two Submariner references vary are the developments inside and the subsequent lines of text that were imprinted on their dials to signify the distinction in type of movement.

Generally talking, most reference 5512 Submariners contained COSC appraised developments, while the reference 5513 didn’t. Because of this unpretentious distinction, the reference 5512 Submariners that were fitted with development types that had gone through and passed the thorough norms of COSC testing got two extra lines of text on their dials that read, “Standout Chronometer/Officially Certified.”

Vintage Rolex Submariner 5512 with the four lines.

Early instances of the reference 5512 can be found with non-COSC appraised developments, and thus, these watches don’t have the extra two lines of text on their dials. Therefore, it isn’t completely uncommon to come across a Submariner whose dial causes it to give off an impression of being a reference 5513; notwithstanding, a nearer assessment of the inscriptions in favor of its case will really uncover it to be an early reference 5512.

You’re An Expert Now

Both Submariner references, 5512 & 5513, are profoundly pursued by authorities; notwithstanding, because of the altogether longer creation run of the reference 5513, models are more abundant, and can be found with a more prominent scope of dial varieties than the reference 5512. As the two references pre-date the reception of engineered sapphire gems, they have a naturally vintage look and feel, making them magnificent choices for those looking for a Submariner that is outwardly particular from later-period and contemporary references.

A Rolex Submariner 5513 is perhaps the main jump observes ever made