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Vintage of the Week: Rolex GMT Master 1675

Vintage of the Week: Rolex GMT Master 1675

One of the most striking of the Rolex GMT-Master watches was the Rolex 1675, delivered somewhere in the range of 1959 and 1980. In addition to the fact that this watched appreciate one of the longest creation runs in Rolex history; it likewise is perhaps the most effortlessly perceived due to its delightful blue and red bezel.

Vintage Blueberry GMT Master 167

Because the Rolex GMT Master 1675, also called a Pepsi, was created for so long, it is one of the simpler vintage Rolex watches to discover. Be that as it may, numerous gatherers incline toward a prior and more worn adaptation than one of the fresher models.

Special Features of the Rolex GMT Master 1675

This Rolex movement is an astounding watch for its capacity to monitor two spots, and for its vintage qualities.

For the initial ten years of creation, the Rolex GMT Master 1675 highlighted a little triangle on the additional hour hand. This was prevailing by a red hand with a bigger triangle during the 1970s and is one of the most straightforward distinguishing focuses in assisting with dating this watch. Prior models highlighted pointed crown watches just as a part ring . The most punctual Rolex GMT Masters were delivered with a Bakelite bezel, however the Ref. 1675 has consistently had a metal bezel for toughness and stability.

A Rolex GMT-Master 1675 with a ghosted pepsi bezel

The Rolex GMT Master was the principal Rolex sports watch to include both the Oyster and Jubilee wristband styles, and vintage Rolex models can be found with the two kinds of groups. The dial printing highlights overlaid on the external ring around the hour and moment marker on the mid 1675 versions.

A fuchsia bezel on the 1675 GMT-Master

Later, when the bigger triangle on the 24-hour hand was included, the printing changed. In 1965, the company changed over to all-white dial printing from the plated printing. In 1967, the external ring was completely eliminated and the sharp crown watches supplanted with adjusted ones. These are extremely simple distinguishing markers in dating a Ref. 1675. The moment markers filled longer in 1969 and, in 1972, the bezel opened up altogether black.

However, it is the red and blue bezel that hangs out in the personalities of most gatherers and has prompted the moniker of “Pepsi” for this specific watch. Today, the Rolex GMT Master 1675 with the particular two-tone red and blue bezel is an authority’s thing that is fervently pursued by the individuals who need a really unmistakable vintage watch.

Finding a GMT Master isn’t just about as troublesome as discovering some other vintage models. Contact Bob’s Watches today for data on discovering this excellent and particular Rolex.