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Urwerk - UR-105 TA

Urwerk – UR-105 TA

The two new Black Lemon and Black Orange models of the UR-105 TA from Urwerk infer two Lamborghini supercars. Without a doubt, these new timepieces would impeccably match to a Huracàn or an Aventador.

Uniquely in contrast to the hand-wound UR-105 M that we covered here , the new UR-105 TA models are fueled by an automatic movement managed by a twofold turbine. Indeed the “TA” in the model name represents Turbine Automatic.

Dot impacted, glossy silk completed and treated with dark PVD for amazing feel, these turbines optimize the winding activity on account of three winding modes that can be set by working on a small switch situated on the back case. In the “FULL” position, just the smallest movement is expected to end up the mainspring. “RED” (for “decreased) moderates the twisting to minimize inordinate strain on the mainspring. On “STOP” mode, the winding system is incapacitated and the UR-105 TA would then be able to be hand-twisted by the crown.

The movement beats at 28,800 vibrations each hours and offers a force hold of 48 hours, when completely twisted.

The four satellites, each bearing three hour numerals, uncover themselves from under a finely adorned guilloche dark cover in PEEK (polyetheretherketone).

The completing is very good quality making the watches a joy to investigate under the loupe. Indeed, even concealed components have been meticulously refined. For example, the shrouded ARCAP satellite carrousel has been treated with ruthenium then micro dot impacted in accordance with the best expectations of haute horlogerie.

The selection of this merry go round, liable for the activity of the satellite hours, adds to upgrade the smoothness of the pinion wheels when setting the time, almost eliminating any contact.

The UR-105 TA is additionally accessible in two less conspicuous renditions: “All Black” in titanium and steel, and “RG” in titanium and red gold.

The costs without charges of the Urwerk Knights, as the UR-105 TA models are nicknamed for their bezel reminding an armor, are the accompanying:

UR-105 TA Black Lemon in titanium with dark PVD steel bezel – Swiss Francs 58,000

UR-105 TA Black Orange in titanium with dark PVD steel bezel  – Swiss Francs 58,000

UR-105 TA All Black in dark PVD titanium with dark PVD steel bezel – Swiss Francs 64,000

UR-105 TA RG in dark PVD titanium case with a valuable red gold bezel – Swiss Francs 66,000

The case (39.50 mm x 53 mm x 16.80 mm) of the UR-105 TA has been pressure tried to 30 meters/3 ATM. urwerk.com