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Ulysse Nardin - Ulysse Anchor Tourbilon

Ulysse Nardin – Ulysse Anchor Tourbilon

The new Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon from Ulysse Nardin is an astounding watch as it presents a steady power escapement with a plan that breaks completely with the conventional watchmaking approach.

Made completely of silicium, the Ulysse Anchor escapement is the aftereffect of eight years of innovative work and it depends on the rule of adaptable instruments abusing the versatility of level springs.

This new escapement includes a round casing with a bed fork fixed in the middle, upheld in space on two edge springs not exactly a 10th of the thickness of a hair in measurement.  Mounted opposite to one another, they are exposed to a twisting power that bends them and keeps up them in a bi-stable state. While they can twist along the left-right hub, they remain completely inflexible along the up-down hub, consequently recreating the dynamic elements of a turn.

The drive that issues from every variation of the equilibrium wheel sends its energy to the cutting edges, which snap from one stable state to the next, much the same as a snap barrette. Along these lines, the bed fork moves altogether without grating since it is not, at this point obliged by a turning staff.

However, the absence of frictional powers isn’t the lone advantage. On account of the mathematical enhancements made to the bed fork, the interchange of powers decides a positive energy balance which keeps up the motions of the equilibrium wheel at a consistent rate.

This innovative mechanical arrangement is housed in a 60-seconds tourbillon, whose pen comprises 35 components however weighs just 0.4 grams.

Noticeable through an enormous opening in the dial at 6 o’clock, it is encompassed by the sign of the 8-day power save on a 140° curve.

The white Grand Feu veneer dial is made by Donzé Cadrans, a dial-production expert company possessed by Ulysse Nardin.

The hand wound Caliber UN-178 production development beats at 18,000 vibrations each hour and can convey a particularly uncommon force hold on account of its twofold barrel.

The Ulysse Anchor Tourbillon by Ulysse Nardin is accessible from this month in white gold (ref. 1780-133)  at the cost of Swiss Francs 88,400 or in rose gold (ref. 1786-133) at Swiss Francs 84,000. The two variants are restricted releases of 18 pieces each. ulysse-nardin.com