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Ulysse Nardin - FreakLab

Ulysse Nardin – FreakLab

Ulysse Nardin‘s Freak is back with the FreakLab, another understanding of this notorious watch which presents three fundamental curiosities.

Uniquely in contrast to the Freak Cruiser (2013) and the Blue Cruiser (2014), the new FreakLab takes the equilibrium wheel back to the focal point of the dial so helping the dial and making it simpler to peruse the hours.

With neither dial nor hands, the development turns about its own hub with the lower deck showing the hours and the upper deck – which conveys the stuff train, the equilibrium haggle spring unit and the restrictive Dual Ulysse silicium escapement – showing the minutes.

Rather than the conventional bed fork and getaway wheel, the Dual Ulysse escapement embraces two silicium motivation wheels, each with eighteen dynamic, coinciding teeth, which then again initiates a plug which sends its energy straightforwardly to the equilibrium staff, first in one heading, at that point in the other. Along these lines this system, which requires no oil, consistently conveys its power toward the pivot of the equilibrium wheel, limiting grinding.

The FreakLab is additionally prepared, interestingly, with a date work at 4 o’clock set apart by a red bolt.

The third curiosity is the UlyChoc security framework, another age of safeguards, altogether planned, created and delivered in-house.

While an old style hostile to stun framework comprises five miniature components  (the block, the setting, the gem, the counterpivot and the spring), Ulysse Nardin supplanted three of these capacities with a solitary one-piece component made of silicium. This arrangement – for which a patent has been applied – stays away from powers of play and rubbing, empowering the equilibrium staff to be impeccably recentered in case of an effect.

The 45 mm case in white gold is described by the turning bezel etched looking like waves and its security cut situated at 6 o’clock between the horns. At the point when the clasp is discharge, the bezel sets the hours and minutes when pivoted clockwise, and the date when turned anticlockwise.

On the back, another bezel winds the origin barrel.

The two bezels, front and back, are vital parts portions of the Caliber UN-210 development beating at 28,800 vibrations each hour and offering a force save of 7 days.

The cost of the Ulysse Nardin FreakLab is Euro 95,000.