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The New Ulysse Nardin Diver Is Smaller – and Awesome

The New Ulysse Nardin Diver Is Smaller – and Awesome

We love it when brands retool watches from their assortments with the cravings of fans and gatherers at the top of the priority list; and with the dispatch of this most recent Ulysse Nardin Diver it has become colossally certain that the brand is tuning in to what exactly the present plunge watch purchaser truly needs.

First things first, its case size has been decreased to 42mm – the ideal jump observe sweet recognize that is not domineering for more modest wrists, but not very unimposing for those needing an extravagance watch with presence.

The 42mm Ulysse Nardin Diver is accessible in one or the other dark or blue and with a wide range of tie/arm band choices (Image: Ulysse Nardin).

A New Dial with Unique Text

Getting past its case size alone, there’s a splendidly cleaned up look to the new diver beforehand concealed in past models. Its moment track, brand name, and date text are all shading coordinated across the dial, just like the more exceptional piece of text over its six o’clock date window.

The bezel is marginally curved and includes unpretentious concentric circles for added profundity (Image: Ulysse Nardin).

Rather than the standard dial text that identifies with profundity appraisals, chronometer status, or other ordinary Swiss watchmaking language that jumbles up a dial, what you get with the new Ulysse Nardin Diver are GPS arranges; explicitly the directions of Ulysse Nardin’s old neighborhood of Le Locle, Switzerland.

Finishing off its general plan are a curiously large twisting crown without crown monitors, and an articulated indenting to its bezel that give the piece a touch to a greater extent a rough device watch stylish.

Despite its refined and vintage-enlivened plan, the new 42mm Ulysse Nardin diver is a profoundly proficient device watch (Image: Ulysse Nardin).

More than a Pretty Face

One extra component that Ulysse Nardin added to the condition with this most recent delivery is a balance of visual and utilitarian. Interestingly, a Ulysse Nardin Diver will be offered on a cross section Milanese wristband. This flexible metal wristband alternative is regularly disregarded by brands, yet appears to suit the plan and case extents of this most recent delivery consummately.

Milanaise network arm bands are ideal for the hotter mid year months (Image: Ulysse Nardin).

It naturally makes the diver a touch more ostentatious than an elastic or calfskin elective, yet from a comfort and uniqueness outlook, I presume a decent number of these will leave approved vendors with the Milanese wristband choice. In the event that you’ve yet to attempt one for yourself, do it – they’re adequately the most comfortable sort of wristband setup out there during hotter mid year months.

The text on the dial shows the directions of Ulysse Nardin’s base camp in Le Locle, Switzerland (Image: Ulysse Nardin).