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The History of the Rolex Milgauss

The History of the Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss is one of those watches from the brand that possesses something of a second-level situation in the list. On the off chance that models, for example, the Submariner or the GMT-Master or the Daytona are the famous children – the muscle heads and the prom lords – at that point the Milgauss model is considerably more chess club.

It is a watch for genuine experts as opposed to a games piece and as such it has never competed in the fame stakes with those made for more breathtaking lives. It has consistently been calm and unassuming however exceptionally fit, preferring substance over style.

The Vintage Rolex 1016 Milgauss


Like a few others in the Rolex family, the Milgauss was worked due to legitimate need. It began life in 1954, at the unfolding of the nuclear age, and one story of the model’s causes has researchers at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, reaching Rolex straightforwardly to demand a watch they could wear securely as they attempted to disentangle the privileged insights of the universe on the planet’s most elevated energy atom smasher. Regardless of whether it’s actual, and there is next to no proof of it, it isn’t out of the domains of plausibility – it is, all things considered, a comparable story to how the GMT-Master (Pan-Am) and the Sea-Dweller (COMEX) came to be.

The issue CERN boffins were experiencing, as were numerous different researchers, architects and clinical experts working at the bleeding edge of new innovation, was electromagnetic fields. High strength attraction, as you would encounter routinely in any of those occupations, can twist and misshape the miniscule interior components of mechanical watches. Indeed, delayed openness to a power estimating only 50-100 gauss (the strength of an ice chest magnet) can deliver an unprotected type useless.

The absolute first Rolex Milgauss 6543

Rolex’s answer was to shield the Milgauss’ development inside a subsequent case, really a delicate iron Faraday confine, that diverted the attractive energy away from the mechanism.

The first reference of their new piece, the ref. 6543, was without a doubt tried by CERN and discovered to be impervious to up to 1,000 gauss, and gave the watch its name ; mille being French for a thousand and gauss the unit of attractive transition density.

That model, which was minimal in excess of a model, bore an uncanny likeness to the as of late delivered Submariner put something aside for an unmistakable honeycomb-style dial. The twin layers of metal lattice added an additional degree of protection.

Rolex Milgauss ref. 6541 (Image: Sotheby’s)

The Follow-Up

The ref. 6543 was created for under two years, with fabricated numbers adding up to somewhere near 150, preceding it was supplanted by its replacement the ref. 6541 out of 1956. This excessively shared large numbers of the plan subtleties of the Sub, with its dark turning bezel and steel 38mm Oyster case. Be that as it may, those madcaps at Rolex added one goofy prosper to the Milgauss to recognize it from the jumper’s model. Regarding its amazingly insubordinate capacities, the seconds hand turned a lightning-jolt shape. While the watch stayed a disappointing merchant since its commencement, that specific eccentricity turned into a conspicuous attribute of the name.

But not for long. The ref. 6541 was itself resigned only four years after the fact and supplanted by the long-running ref. 1019, a reference that left totally from the watch’s set up plan language.

Gone was the turning bezel to be supplanted by a smooth cleaned encompass, the dark honeycomb dial was lost to a plain matte one and the rugged seconds hand returned to a standard straight, red-tipped affair.

For the first run through, the Milgauss was offered in a scope of alternatives, restricted however they were. Purchasers could take their pick from models with either a dark or a silver face, alongside another form that was without a doubt mentioned by CERN explicitly; a silver dial with no lume. The tritium Rolex was utilizing at that point, albeit far more secure than the past radium, was still somewhat radioactive thus would meddle with the very fragile gear the researchers were using.

The supposed CERN dial models, with all lume took from hands and hour lists, are among the most sought after instances of vintage Milgauss.


By 1988 it turned out to be clear there simply weren’t sufficient eggheads on the planet to support the Milgauss as a suitable concern. With marketing projections reliably disillusioning, especially in comparison to a portion of the brand’s enormous hitters, the watch was retired.

Although it appeared to be that was that, Rolex amazed everybody 19-years after the fact when they delivered the Milgauss for the 21st century. The ref. 116400 was uncovered at Baselworld 2007, a watch that fitted in pleasantly with the brand’s contemporary stylish yet at the same time had a couple of gestures to references of the past.

Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The measurements had expanded to 40mm with regards to a large part of the remainder of the apparatus observe family, and it was fashioned from the standard 904L steel, the madly intense composite utilized only by Rolex.

It actually utilized the delicate iron pen to secure its development, however the hairspring and the break wheel in the Cal. 3131 were presently produced using normally paramagnetic materials also, increasing the obstruction still further.

The bezel stayed the smooth, cleaned type from the past ref. 1019, however in particular to aficionados of the first, the electric seconds hand was back and this opportunity it came in splendid orange.

Those starting models accompanied either a dark or white dial, covered with an unmistakable sapphire precious stone. A brief time later, the ref. 116400GV was delivered, the GV representing Glace Verte. This time, the gem was given an excellent green color, including a strategy so complex that Rolex, which possesses more watch-related licenses than pretty much any other individual, didn’t try to enlist it as they most likely were aware no other brand would have the option to dominate the process.

In 2014, they multiplied down on making the Milgauss the most dynamic model in the reach when they supplanted the white dial form with the Z-Blue, a genuinely attractive piece with an electric blue dial covered in Zirconium.

The blue dial Milgauss is the most recent throughout the entire existence of Rolex instrument watches

The Standout

The Milgauss presently holds a practically remarkable spot throughout the entire existence of Rolex. Where with different watches made around a similar time, and even previously (Datejust, Day-Date, essentially the entire of the games arrangement) you can tolerate upping the underlying reference close to the advanced model and see only an extremely delicate development at work, with the Milgauss, the first and the last bear for all intents and purposes no connection to each other.

It has consistently been the outcast, a plan that doesn’t shout Rolex like a few, and is even more fascinating due to it.

Constantly misjudged and surpassed since its commencement, the Milgauss is the brand’s most beautiful dark sheep.