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The Best Rolex Watches Under $5k in the Bob’s Vault

The Best Rolex Watches Under $5k in the Bob’s Vault

We’re constantly getting new timepieces into the Bob’s Watches vault and we like to keep you folks up to date as much as we can about what’s coming in. And keeping in mind that the under $5k classification probably won’t seem too energizing – especially when we are talking about Rolex watches, where the sky is the cutoff on pricing, there are always timepieces here that get our attention.

Whether you’re just getting into extravagance watches or you’re an ardent gatherer – we hope you’ll set aside the effort to look at the extraordinary watches that we have coming into this financial plan amicable class. To kick you off, We picked out a not many that grabbed my attention this month.

There are plenty of extraordinary Rolex watches that can be purchased for under $5k.

Two-Tone Rolex Datejust ref. 16013

The Rolex DateJust ref. 16013.

Admittedly, there are a ton of Rolex Datejust watches in the under $5k class. In any case, that is kinda incredible because each Rolex authority needs at any rate one in their watch box. This two-tone 36mm Rolex Datejust ref. 16013 got my attention because despite being from the last part of the 1880’s, it is in astounding to like-new condition. Plus, the stainless on 18k yellow gold – like on that dressy Jubilee wristband – is obviously timeless and makes for the perfect regular timepiece that you can dress up or down. On the off chance that you presently can’t seem to get your hands on a Datejust, or on the off chance that you’re looking for one that feels somewhat more raised, don’t look any farther than this number here.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 3372

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual ref. 3372.

Have you seen anything like this previously? This staggeringly uncommon Oyster Perpetual ref. 3372 from the 1940’s is the perfect timepiece for vintage collectors or those who need an absolutely one of a kind Rolex. Clocking in at 32mm, this watch is legitimately small. In any case, what attracted us to this watch was the way that it has a cream dial that is developed a rich patina – and that rose gold motor turned bezel. These vintage and time-matured features are exceptionally sought after, and will make for a cherished expansion to any assortment – especially at under $5k. Expression of guidance? Get it before someone else does.


Rolex Cellini ref. 5112

The Rolex Cellini ref. 5112.

Every man needs a dress watch, and this Cellini ref. 5112 is a classic that will take you from night out on the town to dark tie for quite a long time to come. Everything about this watch oozes refinement – from the coordinating 18k gold Roman hour markers to the slender 32mm case in 18k yellow gold. The white Jubilee dial also features that awesome “Cellini” text written in calligraphy over six o’clock. Inside ticks a manual winding cal. 1602 development with 20 jewels. This watch has all-around incredible worth and is an astounding price for a watch that will get compliments when worn, yet that you probably will not strap on all that frequently. Unless you’re Obama – because that man knows how to shake a Cellini all year.


Rolex Air-King Date ref. 5701

The Rolex Air-King Date ref. 5701.

The Air-King frequently gets ignored in the Rolex inventory of timepieces. However, it’s difficult to gloss over this uncommon two-tone Air-King Date ref. 5701 with an amazing champagne dial. What’s so interesting about this vintage model from the mid-1980’s is that date complication, which you almost never find on an Air-King. Furthermore, age has just served it well, with the lume and dial surface developing a delicate warm patina throughout the long term. The case is also special because the fluted bezel is really constructed from 14k yellow gold (compared to the 18k used on numerous other Rolex watches ). This is the sort of watch that looks extraordinary and will be a perfect conversation starter with individual collectors.

Rolex DateJust “Thunderbird” ref. 1625

The Rolex Datejust “Thunderbird” ref. 1625.

To finish this list off strong, We must end with this cool vintage 36mm Datejust “Thunderbird” ref. 1625. It’s from the 1970’s, so the later finish of the production years for this model. Nonetheless, it’s looks are thoroughly striking with that dark “pie-pan” dial, tritium hands, date highlight, and the 14k yellow gold pivoting Turn-O-Graph bezel – the characterizing highlight of the watch. The pivoting bezel on the Turn-O-Graph line pre-dates its appearance on a large number of Rolex’s notable sports models like the GMT-Master and Submariner. Because of this legacy, it’s a truly cool piece to add to the assortment. Try not to miss out!