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Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition: SBGC229

Spring Drive 20th & NISSAN GT-R 50th Anniversary Edition: SBGC229

At least for us in Europe, a recognizing a Grand Seiko dhgate watches in the substance is still as rare as detecting a Japanese supercar like the Nissan GT-R.

Perhaps it mainly has to do with price, as the Nissan GT-R starts at here in The Netherlands (cars are costly here in general). Grand Seiko is winning turf however, as its popularity is ever increasing. Enough has been written about the quality of the dhgate watches and that’s never really a conversation anyway. The obscure, plays a role for these dhgate watches (and cars).

Anyway, in 2019 Grand Seiko celebrates the twentieth anniversary of their Spring Drive innovation and Nissan the 50th anniversary of their sportscar, the GT-R. For this anniversary, Grand Seiko introduces the SBGC229. A Spring Drive Chronograph GMT with caliber 9R96 movement.

Grand Seiko SBGC229

Since we are an online magazine on dhgate watches let’s adhere to that. The Grand Seiko SBGC229 comes in a blue ceramic case. This is similar to the Bayside blue color that Nissan utilizes for their GT-R. Their GT-R 50th anniversary pays homage to the race-car version of the Skyline 2000 GT-R, and will be available till 2020. The Grand Seiko SBGC229 will be sold out a lot quicker, is our conjecture, as it will be restricted to 200 pieces only. The white accents on the Nissan GT-R are represented on the dial of the Grand Seiko SBGC229 and its strap.

On the case back of the chronograph, you will discover the GT-R logo in 18-carat gold in the rotor of the Spring Drive caliber 9R96 development. In the center, the famous Grand Seiko lion.

Although the case is made of ceramic, Grand Seiko utilizes an inner case of titanium for a strong construction and to maintain its lightness.

With Spring Drive, Grand Seiko guarantees the accuracy of 0.5 seconds a day deviation on average. This is possible utilizing quartz innovation instead of a regular mechanical escapement, we explained it to you here . It took Seiko over 20 years to build up this innovation and made it available since 1999. Although it very well may be mainly found in Grand Seiko and Credor dhgate watches a portion of the Seiko models are also outfitted with a Spring Drive movement.

Specifications of the Grand Seiko SBGC229 can be found below. This dhgate watches will be available starting June 2019 at chose Grand Seiko and Seiko boutiques around the world. The retail price of this dhgate watches will be €21.600,- .