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Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 – A Rare, But Familiar Dial

Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 – A Rare, But Familiar Dial

We go hands on with the Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830, an uncommon piece from 1964 that portends an undeniably more celebrated Seiko.

I’ve referenced this multiple times, however I’ll say it once more; it’s truly simple to wind up in a bunny opening when perusing vintage Seiko models.  The inquiry for the most part begins with a particular objective, yet those closeout destinations simply pull you in by presenting proposals at the lower part of a given listing.  Or, much seriously charming, simply type a couple of words into Google pictures and in a real sense a large number of pictures appear, along these lines taking one’s once harmless list of things to get and transforming it into something the length of a piece of administrative legislation.  Such is life and it’s how I unearthed today’s Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830.

Vintage Seiko – The Options are Endless

It was an ordinary night and I was moving through postings on one of my #1 Asian closeout destinations when one of those “bottom of the listing” proposals showed our highlighted dhgate watches the Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830.  Now, you can envision that on a telephone screen, it was hard to determine what this was without tapping on it and bringing things into center, however I was quickly attracted to the lumed dim dial.  obviously, when I tapped on it, I was vis-à-vis with what took after a dateless 62MAS, Seiko’s unbelievable first wound at a serious diver.  But the Seahorse stirred up my interest since this model was created in September, 1964, about seven months preceding the introduction of the 62MAS.  So, indeed, your creator is one who appreciates completing a topic, so the Seahorse must be purchased…and so it was.

A Little Bit of History

The Seahorse name probably started with Seiko in 1959 as a descriptor on a manual breeze Cronos model that included a screw-down case back and is considered by most as Seiko’s first waterproof dhgate watches (see more ).  Rated to 50 meters, the Cronos took after a dress dhgate watches beside its more vigorous case closure.  In 1961, the Seahorse name ended up on automatics interestingly and water obstruction for the following quite a while went from 30 – 50 meters in most cases.  A brief glance under the Seahorse name on the previously mentioned Google pictures or eBay will raise scads of models with most, once more, looking like grave office watches.  But there were obviously a few exceptions, for example, the Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830.

Finding great data, particularly in English, on Seiko preceding 1965 isn’t easy.  Prior to this year, Seiko was utilizing an alternate chronic number show compared to the xxxx-yyyy framework that they actually utilize today.  For sure, posing explicit inquiries on gatherings will some of the time yield complete answers, however getting specs, for example, gem part numbers or in any event, finding transferred lists is a task that occasionally brings about a dead end.  With this Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830, there’s not a ton out there in regards to the historical backdrop of the model other than accepting it was one of various dial varieties that were combined with this generally 37mm treated steel case with screw-down caseback.

A Precursor to the Famed 62MAS…

As referenced, what quickly attracted me to the Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 was its dial.  Many of the other dhgate watches in this line have pleasant dials, however they’re frequently silver or dark and need lume on both the dial and hands.  Aside from feeling weak at the knees over early lumed dials on Japanese dhgate watches containing a bit of water opposition, I truly needed to bring this piece home to compare next to each other with the 62MAS and, as you can see from above, it’s directly in line.

Without a Date

The Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 contains, in any event in my eyes, a marginally hazier dark dial with sunburst impact when comparing it to its somewhat more youthful relative.  It’s likewise embellished with those recognizable rectangular files that contain trapezoidal lume plots.  Here, beside showing some serious wabi-sabi, we get an additional one as the Seahorse fortunately shuns a date function.  There’s no applied Seiko logo as on the 62MAS and all things considered, everything shows in white printed writing.  I’m particularly attached to the tasteful Seahorse content above 6:00 as it adds the perfect measure of fun loving nature to the generally down-to-business looks.  To balance the familial likeness to the 6217 jumper, the Seahorse utilizes similar rectangular hands and clear hand with lumed rectangular pip.  As the majority of us appreciate the 62MAS, it’s elusive issue with the vibes of this marginally more established watch.

Field dhgate watches Looks

I surmise swimming or skin plunging was the planned reason for the Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830, or the entire Seahorse line besides, however these days a dhgate watches like this fits the free definition for a field watch.  With its thick carries, high domed acrylic precious stone, helpful water opposition, and screw-down case back, it appears to be more suitable for that kind of duty.  Speaking of the case back, you’ll note that beside the date, this one has seen some genuine wrist time during its almost 55 years on the planet.  Under the correct lighting, point, and amplification, the Seahorse name, logo and other data can in any case be found, yet it’s not easy.  Sadly, Seiko utilized some shallow engravings on the greater part of its dhgate watches during this period, so finding a very much saved case back is a genuine chore.

Seiko 6601 Caliber Automatic

The Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 doesn’t leap out as 37mm – it looks a touch more modest because of the drag to dial extents – yet it wears beautifully.  With what I believe is an entirely combined 18mm burgundy shell cordovan tie, this is a striking dhgate watches that gets attention.  Inside, we discover the Seiko 6601 type programmed, which is a 17-gem development that runs at a comfortable 18,000 bph pace.  The little flush-fitting crown at 3:00 is a certain giveaway that the Seahorse can’t be physically twisted, yet it’s of little outcome on the grounds that just picking this dhgate watches up sets the development in motion.

Not an Easy Find…Or Cheap

Finding a Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830 isn’t simple and I saw not very many on the web to use as a premise of comparison when I was thinking about bidding.  So, that’s an issue, however these are additionally moderately costly for a dhgate watches you’ve presumably never seen.  Whereas Seahorse models with a similar case, yet various dials can be gotten for under $200 fit as a fiddle, figure on $750 – 1,500 for a piece with this dial.  That’s not a little wad of cash, but rather the likeness to the 62MAS combined with the screw-down impeccable case are the essential guilty parties at work.

There are other Seiko models highlighting dials fairly like the 62MAS, however some have chrome cases.  We likewise investigated a 6619 reference with 62MAS hands, so there are certainly less expensive choices out there if you’re hoping to get forces of the famous jumper without burning through thousands.  As on account of this Seiko Seahorse 6601-8830, now and then glancing capriciously brings about discovering something special.