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Rolex Submariner Black vs Blue Price Difference

Rolex Submariner Black vs Blue Price Difference

When it’s an ideal opportunity to pick between a Rolex Submariner dark versus blue watch some struggle deciding.  Both Style and cost can be significant components to consider.  Let’s gander at the Rolex Submariner 116618LN and 116619, which are basically indistinguishable watches, notwithstanding a couple of key contrasts. Thus, to comprehend the value errors between the two, it’s essential to have a solid handle on their backstory.

It begins back in 2008 at Baselworld, a significant year for Rolex, stamping 100 years in business. As a feature of the festival, Rolex delivered a huge number of new models and redesigns. Be that as it may, the 116618 and 116619, delivered absolutely out of the blue with new highlights and smooth gold amalgam choices, were probably the most energizing of the show.

What we got was this – the 18k yellow gold 116618 accessible in blue (116618LB) and dark (116618LN) just as the white gold 116619 just including a blue face and bezel. The 116618 was obviously the more intense alternative gratitude to that immersed yellow gold. However, the white gold 116619 was smooth and striking and immediately acquired itself the moniker ‘Smurf.’ And if there’s something you should think about Rolex, it’s that lone its most adored watches at any point gather an epithet for themselves.

So, what are the specs that made these new Sub’s extraordinary? All things considered, it begins with the case, where it got bigger carries and crown watches which made it look a ton greater notwithstanding checking in at a similar 40mm wide and simply 12.2mm thick. There was likewise the overhauled, incredibly solid Cerachrom (otherwise known as artistic) bezel that supplanted the old aluminum. Other new highlights incorporate amplified hour markers and hands, just as coordinating gold Oyster arm band with high-cleaned focus joins and another Glidelock fasten for consistent adjustments.

Key Differences: 116618LN versus 116619

Obviously, there are two fundamental contrasts between the 116618LN and 116619. The first is the composite, the 116618LN being furnished in 18k yellow gold where the 116619 is 18k white gold. Furthermore, you’ll notice that the yellow gold 116618LN has a dark bezel – and in the authority Rolex list, in case you’re looking for a Rolex Submariner blue you can get the yellow gold 116618 with blue face and bezel, as well. In any case, the white gold 116619 comes in a blue face and bezel — that is it.

The Price Comparison: 116618LN vs.116619

With this foundation information, you can truly value this intriguing value comparison. Like I noted over, the yellow gold 116618 comes in both blue (116618LB) and dark (116618LN) forms individually. Be that as it may, the two watches continue as before retail cost, €31,600, notwithstanding their various bezels. So despite the fact that the blue will in general be more famous, we see that Rolex hasn’t separated in estimating here.

Interestingly, however, the 116619, which other than the white gold combination, blue face and blue bezel is absolutely indistinguishable from the 116618LN, is estimated prominently higher at €34,100. With this disclosure, it’s protected to say that the blue bezel isn’t the lone element that makes a value distinction somewhere in the range of 116618 and 116619. I believe that it’s really the combination of the white gold Oyster case and wristband that makes the ‘Smurf’ more costly than it’s yellow gold, dark bezel counterpart.

However, when we get to the auxiliary market, we see that the value contrast becomes undeniably more limited. As of now, in Bob’s vault, we have a <2011 or more up to date 116618LN valued at $27,995. The 116619 (likewise 2011 or more current) notwithstanding, is just a fantastic more at $28,995. The Smurf will keep on holding more worth not just in light of the fact that it was more costly on the underlying retail market, but since this combination is more attractive and famous. However, on the grounds that the two models are made of 18k gold, I see the two watches holding their worth very well in the short and long haul. As these are very current looks too, I can just expect that as they enter the vintage market they’ll get far more exorbitant cost tags.