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Rolex Submariner 16613 – The Ultimate Collectors Guide

Rolex Submariner 16613 – The Ultimate Collectors Guide

By the time the reference 16613 showed up in 1988, any assumptions the Rolex Submariner had of as yet being only a reason constructed device watch were a distant memory. While the Submariner may have at first constructed its standing as a definitive plunge companion when it was first dispatched in 1953, over the resulting many years it had slipped cheerfully into the part of being a rich status symbol.

For a few, that change had begun with the genuinely harmless consideration of a date show on the already time-just watch, appearing on the ref. 1680 from 1969. It was a move that split the Rolex being a fan down the center, with pundits censuring the requirement for a date work on a jump watch in any case, just as the impact it had on the evenness of the dial.

However, the Submariner’s new remaining as an optimistic thing was fixed with the arrival of the main all-gold model, the ref. 1680/8 the exact year. From that point onward, Rolex chose to attempt to take into account the two sides via continuing with two separate Submariner lines, and the brand has created date and no date forms from that point onward. In view of that, it is just the date-showing models that have been offered in a scope of various metals (the no-date adaptations remaining only in hardened steel), and in 1984, the initial two-tone Rolesor Submariner was given, the ref. 16803. The appearance of this model laid the preparation for the resulting age of two-tone Submariner watches: the reference 16613.

Rolex Submariner Reference 16613

Submariner 16613 Key Features:

Production Years: 1988 – 2009

Case Size: 40mm

Materials: Yellow Rolesor (904L Stainless Steel & 18k Yellow Gold)

Functions: Time w/Running Seconds, Date Display

Dial: Black or Blue w/Luminous Hour Markers; Champagne or Slate w/jewel set Hour Markers (Serti Dials)

Bezel: Unidirectional. Dark or Blue Aluminum Insert w/hour long Scale

Crystal: Sapphire, Flat w/Cyclops Lens

Movement: Caliber 3135

Water Resistance: 300 Meters/1,000 Feet

Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet

Approx Price: $9,500 – $15,000 (Pre-Owned)

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What is Rolesor?

Rolesor is Rolex’s own term for a two-tone combination of tempered steel and gold – first reserved in 1933 and initially presented on a Datejust in 1948. Rolesor watches can use any of the three shades of gold Rolex utilizes – white, Everose (red/rose), or yellow, albeit the setups change marginally between them.

With the yellow and Everose gold variations, the watch’s case and its wristband’s external connections are manufactured from treated steel, with the valuable metal utilized on the bezel, crown, and focus joins. With White Rolesor models,  just the bezel is produced using gold.

Rolesor Rolex Submariner Watches

The first Rolesor Submariner, the ref. 16803, is known as a temporary reference. ‘Transitional’ for this situation alludes to a watch that had just a generally short run however presented various new highlights. Concerning the ref. 1680x arrangement, they were the models that brought sapphire gems, a 300-meter water opposition rating, and a unidirectional bezel to the model. They were additionally the first to have a high beat development, the Caliber 3035, with the now-standard Rolex balance recurrence of 28,800vph.

As great as that development was, the brand obviously felt there was still some adjusting to do. The ref. 1680x family went on for just around four years, supplanted in 1988 by the ref. 1661x territory, including the two-tone reference 16613. The fundamental purpose behind the change was so Rolex could get the redesigned Caliber 3135, perceived today as one of the best mass-delivered types at any point made and one that would remain driving the Rolex Submariner Date for more than three decades.

We will investigate the development somewhat later above all, how about we analyze exactly why the ref. 16613 is a particularly significant and much pursued reference in the Rolex Submariner’s story.

Rolex Submariner 16613 Case

The Submariner ref. 1661x arrangement (and their no date same, the ref. 14060), are here and there alluded to as the ‘remainder of the best’ among the Rolex Submariner assortment. Lovers have chosen the name since they are the last Submariner models to have the exemplary style cases, with the subsequent arrangement, the ref. 11661x, presenting the Super Case with essentially modified proportions.

Exemplified by reinforced carries and crown monitors that are double the thickness as in the past, Rolex acquainted the Super Case with a lot of its Professional Collection to give the watches some additional wrist presence, so they could take into account the cutting edge pattern for greater watches without their measurements really expanding on paper. Notwithstanding, the ref. 16613 went before this turn of events, holding the Submariner’s exemplary lines that had characterized the model since crown monitors were first acquainted with the assortment in 1959.

With that as a main priority, the case experienced two minor changes during the ref. 1661x’s 21-year creation run. Early models highlighted haul openings where the case met the arm band, however Rolex began eliminating these from the mid 2000s onwards. Beginning around 2005, the brand incorporated an engraved ROLEX signature, alongside the watch’s exceptional chronic number, on the rehaut (the internal bezel ring encompassing the dial) trying to thwart forgers. Both of these highlights can be utilized by purchasers to give a harsh gauge concerning the age of their specific model.

The treated steel from which the brand makes the ref. 16613’s case was, by this point time, the 904L assortment actually utilized today (rechristened as Oystersteel). It supplanted the previous 316L tempered steel and was picked for its boss protection from erosion, especially by saltwater, making it ideal for a jump watch.

904L treated steel a few other preferences. First and foremost, it holds a clean incredibly well, and gives Rolex’s steel watches an interesting sparkle not at all like whatever else in the business. Also, it is particularly hard to machine, requiring exceptionally prepared designers and some enormously costly hardware. Therefore, it was likewise trusted that it would help combat the forgers, despite the fact that whether or not it really has prevented fabrications is available to debate.

With that as a main priority, 904L treated steel isn’t (as is now and then promoted) a harder metal than 316L, and it has a higher nickel content, which can prompt skin disturbances for those with an affectability to it. The amazingly brief ref. 168000 (called the Triple Zero in Rolex authority world) was the principal Submariner to be made with 904L and was uniquely underway from mid-1988 to the furthest limit of 1989. These days, Rolex only uses 904L (Oystersteel) and is just about the lone producer to utilize the amalgam on a particularly enormous scale.

Rolex Submariner 16613 Dials & Bezels

The Rolex Submariner 16613 was delivered with a decision of four unique dials, every one giving its own particular character on the watch in general. The customary Submariner look was with the dark reflexive dial and dark bezel; notwithstanding, the model that has maybe become the best on the used and vintage market is fitted with a blue dial with a coordinating blue bezel. The Submariner is no more unusual to blue itemizing, and it is something that complements the personality of the watch very well.

The dial on the ref. 16613 is something a touch more unique than simply a standard blue dial. Rather than the consistently level concealing across the surface as we see on numerous other watches, the sunburst impact here gives the blue a sparkling luminosity and an always changing tone – in certain lights showing up practically dark, in others almost purple. The “Soul-filled” (as it came to be known by gatherers) was so all around respected that when its substitution, the ref. 116613LB showed up in 2009 with an ordinary strong blue dial, Rolex fans were vexed to such an extent that the brand immediately reestablished the past sunburst style.

The two other dial types are fundamentally more uncommon and have a distinct ‘of their time’ esthetic to them. Known as Serti dials (after the French word ‘sertir’, signifying ‘to set’), they could be had in either champagne or record/rhodium and were emphasized with gemstone lists. Roll cut sapphires at the six and nine o’clock, a three-sided sapphire at the 12, and round precious stones for the rest (aside from the three o’clock, which is involved by the date show). The two Serti dial models could be had with either dark or blue bezels.

As for the bezels themselves, the ref. 1661x was the last arrangement of the Submariner to utilize aluminum for the supplements, with the ensuing age accepting bezel embeds created from Rolex’s exclusive Cerachrom earthenware material. By a similar token, this was additionally the last age to hold standard hour markers – those that came later were fitted with the purported Maxi dial, with essentially bigger records. Every one was laid out in yellow gold, and the valuable metal was likewise used to fill in the engraved numerals on the new clay bezels.

Rolex Submariner 16613 Lume & Crystal

With the Submariner 16613 having a particularly run, the glow Rolex applied changed twice. The most punctual run pieces actually depended on tritium, a radioactive substance yet one that was far more secure for watchmakers, dissimilar to the radium that it had supplanted. In 1998, tritium was traded for LumiNova. This is known as a photoluminescent material, implying that it retains light of one frequency (normally bright) and emanates a noticeable light of another wavelength.

Although LumiNova must be ‘charged’ by the sun (or other encompassing light) to gleam, it was completely nonradioactive and therefore completely ok for the two wearers and watchmakers the same. In any case, only two brief years after the fact, Rolex exchanged once more, this chance to Super-LumiNova, which is essentially something very similar however delivered by a Swiss company.

Incidentally, similarly likewise with the carry openings and rehaut etching, we can utilize the lume type to give a harsh gauge old enough for a Submariner 16613. Every assortment is recognized at the actual lower part of the dial, underneath the six o’clock record. Rolex denoted the tritium models with ‘SWISS T<25’ and the LumiNova dials essentially had ‘SWISS’ printed all things considered. The later Super-LumiNova models have ‘SWISS MADE’ – much the same as the current-creation models, yet without the coronet emblem between the two words.

Finally, ensuring this is a level sapphire gem with Rolex’s unmistakable Cyclops amplification focal point that the brand had been utilizing since 1979. In any case, during the mid 2000s, Rolex began laser etching a small crown (the brand’s logo) on the precious stone, directly close to the 6 o’clock area, as one more effort to thwart counterfeiters.

Rolex Submariner 16613 Movement

It is uncommon for a Rolex watch, and especially one as famous as the Submariner, to run as long as the reference 16613 managed without an adjustment in development. Therefore, it remains as a demonstration of exactly how very much designed the Caliber 3135 was that it not just controlled the watch for the whole of its creation yet in addition drove the arrangement that swapped it for more than another full decade.

First worked in 1988, the Cal. 3135 would proceed to become Rolex’s best and broadly utilized development ever. Actually enormous and genuinely straightforward precisely, it was the ideal motor for a watch intended for experience. It took over from the Cal. 3035 and carried with it a modest bunch of upgrades. Most fundamentally, it joined a full equilibrium connect and bigger equilibrium wheel, alongside increasing the gem tally from 27 to 31. It held a large part of the fundamental arrangement Rolex had been utilizing for quite a long time, for example, its Microstella controller framework and Teflon-covered turning around gears on the programmed winding system.

However, similarly likewise with the outside of the ref. 1661x Submariner arrangement, the development additionally saw a couple of updates during its run. In 2000, Rolex at long last consummated its Parachrom hairspring, something which had taken the brand five years of innovative work. A combination of niobium and zirconium, with an oxide covering, the new component was antimagnetic and offered critical protection from stuns and temperature changes. In 2005, the maker thickened the oxide layer, making the spring turn blue while responding with the air, bringing about the blue Parachom name that is as yet with it today.

Overall, the Rolex Caliber 3135 is something of a current legend in the horology business. Dependable, precise, simple to chip away at, and very hearty, it is a top choice among watchmakers and holds the differentiation of being perhaps the most reliably exact and solid types ever made.

Rolex Submariner ref. 16613: Bracelet & Clasps

The Rolex Submariner ref. 16613 came fitted with the brand’s level, three-connect Oyster wristband, the sportiest and generally utilitarian of Rolex’s triplet of metal groups. Once more, similarly likewise with the remainder of the watch, it would likewise profit by certain alterations throughout its creation run.

This cycle of the Submariner showed up at a period when Rolex was putting forth a coordinated attempt to improve the quality and versatility of its arm bands – one zone where the brand had gotten some analysis before. Rolex had moved away from bolted joins (something different adored by vintage fans) during the 1970s and graduated to collapsed joins. Prior to the principal instances of the ref. 16613 showed up in the last part of the 80s, things had just progressed once more, with its band presently having 18k yellow gold empty community joins while the external steel joins were strong treated steel. In no time before Rolex began disposing of the haul openings on the watch’s case, the brand additionally presented strong end joins (SEL), carrying with them a much-welcomed increment in strength.

The catches additionally a few adjustments. The most punctual catches highlighted extra security lock latches created from hardened steel, which changed later on when it was given a stripe of yellow gold down the whole center of the fasten so it could all the more likely match with the generally Rolesor two-tone esthetic of the remainder of the bracelet.

The Rolex Submariner Reference 16613: Final Thoughts

You can think about the reference 16613 as the ideal allegory for the Rolex Submariner itself. The mixing of the plushness of gold with the sturdiness of 904L steel epitomizes the two sides of a definitive extravagance plunge watch.

Coupled with that, the reference 16613 was made accessible in a scope of choices intended to oblige nearly anybody’s taste, with the champion being the blue dial variation, which is considered by some as the most attractive blue dial at any point delivered by Rolex or for sure anybody else.

Best of all however, these notable watches presently address the absolute best offers of any used Rolex. Underway for over 20-years, there is no deficiency of them available, keeping their costs sensible. You can get a model in amazing condition beginning at around the $10k mark, which is about equivalent to what you will pay for the all-steel form, the ref. 16610.

While the Rolesor models were initially valued altogether higher than their hardened steel partners, the way that you would now be able to buy the steel and 18k gold adaptation for almost a similar cost is a profoundly alluring alternative that claims to a considerable lot of the present collectors.