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Rolex Submariner 126610 vs. 116610: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Rolex Submariner 126610 vs. 116610: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

All beneficial things to the individuals who wait. It feels like we have been expecting something sensational to happen to the Rolex Submariner everlastingly – every year persuading ourselves that this will be the year that it will at last get greater/get more modest/get another development/get another shading plan/get ended completely. Without a doubt, that last one was never going to occur (and never will), yet in all actuality the world’s number one extravagance plunge watch was route late for an update in numerous individuals’ eyes, and incidentally, 2020 is the year that we got an all-new age of Submariner watches.

Of course, the invigorated Submariner ought to have been presented in March at Baselworld. Nonetheless, with a worldwide pandemic successfully closing the whole world down for quite a long time we needed to sit anxiously until the 1st of September to perceive what the brand was going to deliver.

What we got was an armada of eight watches that figure out how to be both forefront and to some degree retro simultaneously. We bid farewell to one especially mainstream form, just to see it traded for a very much cherished diversion from the new past. Also, we saw, finally, the Submariner get another development. Of the most recent assortment, it is without a doubt the two hardened steel pieces that will become the most popular. So we have assembled this manual for feature all the distinctions Rolex has made to this couple of notable watches. Below, we pit the withdrawing ref. 116610LN (dark bezel) and ref. 116610LV (green bezel, otherwise known as the “Mass”) against the all-new ref. 126610LN and ref. 126610LV.

Rolex Submariner 126610

2020 Submariner Key Features:

Size: 41mm

Materials: Oystersteel (904L Stainless Steel)

Movement: Caliber 3235

Dial: Black

Bezel: Cerachrom (Black or Green)

Bracelet: Oyster Bracelet

Water Resistance: 300 meters/660 feet

Retail Price: $9,150 (ref. 126610LN) $9,550 (ref. 126610LV)

Click here to study the all-new 2020 Rolex Submariner assortment.

What’s Changed?

The new 2020 Rolex Submariner assortment is accompanied by various key updates. Beneath we diagram the main contrasts between the new Rolex Submariner 126610 and the past generation.

The Case

It is regularly kidded about inside the business that the Rolex plan office should be an extremely loosening up work environment. By one way or another, it’s difficult to envision the supervisor raging in on a Monday morning, ripping portrayals off the divider in a craze and shouting, “Right, this time we’re truly going to shake things up!”

Rolex doesn’t actually do sensational upgrades, and the Submariner is maybe the most relevant model. Truly, its first decade was genuinely fierce as it experienced various references between its presentation in 1953 and the presence of the ref. 5512 of every 1959. Nonetheless, from that point onward, significant updates to the esthetic of the Submariner were pretty much accomplished for the following 50-years. By that point, it had its 40mm case, its serrated-edge bezel, its crown monitors, its Mercedes hands, and brand name spot and twirly doo records. En route, a date-showing model was added to the line, however the fundamental blueprint of the watch was at that point set in stone.

The appearance of the ref. 116610 of every 2010 checked pretty much the main change to the center styling of the Rolex Submariner for 50 years. It actually estimated the respected measurements, however it presented Rolex’s “Super Case” plan to the reach. Plainly done as a compromise, with numerous fans complaining that 40mm was excessively little for a cutting edge sports watch, the Super Case brought hauls and crown monitors generally double the thickness of past models. In any case, it forfeited the Submariner’s previous streaming lines for a square, massive, road brawler sort of look, giving the impression of an increment in size without actually filling in diameter.

As with numerous Rolex advancements, this new esthetic had the two fans and pundits, which is the thing that makes the new ref. 126610 so intriguing. This most recent age could well be the ideal blend of the old and the new. The 41mm case is the first run through the Submariner has really expanded in size since the ref. 5512, however it has surrendered the Super Case and returned to a more slender and more refined in general profile. The hauls are smaller and more keen, with Rolex shaving off a portion of the extra thickness from the past age to be more in accordance with exemplary models from the model’s long history. Essentially, the crown monitors have likewise been somewhat dispersed a piece (despite the fact that they are still fundamentally thicker than those from the 5-digit arrangement), and the entire watch looks and feels a touch more like a cutting edge variant of the traditionally proportioned references from 30 or 40-years ago.

Will it pull off the close unimaginable stunt of keeping everybody glad? It’s difficult to tell right now, however with the current rage for everything vintage giving no indications of easing back, this upgrade to the Submariner has surely come along at the privilege time.

The Dial and Bezel

Two of the main components of any effective watch configuration are the dial and bezel. On the current year’s Rolex Submariner deliveries, these key components have additionally experienced changes. Above all, the dials on both treated steel Submariner Date models are presently dark. The brilliant emerald green face of the as of late left ref. 116610LV “Mass” is completely gone. Liable to be missed by a critical segment of the brand’s fan base (and that has all the earmarks of being affirmed up by the monstrous expansion in costs on the used market), the Hulk has for quite some time been an especially sought after watch, and now it will not be made any longer, so anticipate that that desirability should simply continue climbing. On the off chance that you had your eyes on a buy, quick activity is recommended.

The other dial changes, across the whole new Submariner assortment, are trickier to spot. The lists are the equivalent ‘Maxi’ style as in the past, however the handset has been changed, with the moment hand marginally more and now contacting the external moment track and the Mercedes-style hour hand now somewhat fatter as well. Clearly, as there is more prominent space to play with gratitude to the watch’s bigger size (regardless of how slight) the individual extents of the dial have changed, giving it a tidier, more adjusted look. What’s more, in the event that you look truly hard, you will see there is currently a small coronet logo in the middle of the words “Swiss” and “Made” to stamp this new iteration.

As for the bezel, this is fundamentally indistinguishable from the ref. 116610 arrangement. On both the ref. 126610LN and ref. 126610LV, we have the arrival of Rolex’s restrictive Cerachrom fired, with its engraved hour long jumper’s scale, platinum PVD-filled numerals, and wonderfully material 120-click activity. Be that as it may, the large news is the arrival of a green bezel with a dark dial on the LV form of the all-new reference 126610 Submariner.

We saw this first in 2003 with the five-digit ref. 16610LV, all the more commonly called the Kermit. It was Rolex’s birthday festivity for the Submariner, commending 50-years at the actual top of the jump watch industry. Nonetheless, that was in a period before Cerachrom, when bezel embeds were as yet anodized aluminum and therefore had a totally different appearance. The Kermit Submariner was not a famous watch toward the start. Conventional fans believed it to be fairly conspicuous, and it took a short time for them to come round. Notwithstanding, come round they did, and the Kermit presently commands a critical premium over standard dark bezel ref. 16610LN models.

Yet the green that Rolex utilized was unquestionably a lively, distinctive shade and not as everybody would prefer. At the point when the Kermit was supplanted by the Hulk in 2010, the Cerachrom embed gave a marginally more repressed tone, yet it was combined with a green sunray dial that changed tint drastically in various lighting conditions (while the bezel didn’t). Therefore, the tones of the two components infrequently coordinated, which once more, put a few group off. Now we have another green bezel model with a dark dial that – inconceivably – still is by all accounts without an informal moniker weeks after its release.

Of the now three green Submariner watches, the ref. 126610LV has by a long shot the most develop and unassuming character. The Kermit, and particularly the Hulk, requested consideration; this one is minimized and more comfortable in its own skin. It is a similar story with the new blue bezel/dark dial model in strong 18k white gold. As the swap for the all-blue Smurf, it simply has a more adult nature, which is fitting for a watch so grounded in horology folklore.

The Movement

One of the most astounding parts of the Rolex Submariner in the advanced period has been the absence of modernization to its inside development. The entirety of the different watches from the presently ceased ref. 11661x arrangement were controlled by the Cal. 3135, a development that the Submariner had been utilizing since 1988. Despite the fact that it is perceived as among the best mass-delivered components at any point made, three or more many years is a phenomenally long measure of time for any Rolex watch (not to mention one as loved as the Submariner) to abandon a refreshed motor – particularly since the new Caliber 3235 turned out in 2015 and both the Sea-Dweller and Deepsea as of now highlight the movement.

However the Submariner’s Cal. 3235 development is at long last here, and it addresses a significant improvement. As indicated by Rolex, somewhere near 90% of the components are completely new compared to the Cal. 3135, and the whole development is secured by 14 licenses. Among the main improvements is a force hold increment to 70-hours (compared to the past 48), because of a more extended fountainhead. In any case, the origin barrel has a similar measurement, just the thickness of its dividers have been split to let loose the extra vital room. Also, the programmed winding framework presently includes another monobloc rotor mounted on metal balls interestingly, which expands the life span and required upkeep that the programmed get together will need over the years.

Like other new-age Rolex developments, the Caliber 3235 incorporates Rolex’s own Chronergy escapement, which addresses a huge re-plan of the customary Swiss Lever framework. Its two fundamental components – the bed fork and getaway wheel – have been significantly updated. The break wheel is presently skeletonized, decreasing its general weight, and therefore its latency. Concerning the bed fork, it also is lighter, and keeping in mind that its teeth are presently just half as thick as in the past, the contact surfaces on the departure wheel have multiplied. The two sections have likewise been built out of a nickel-phosphorous composite, leaving them profoundly impervious to attractive interference.

All told, the changes have expanded the escapement’s effectiveness by 15%. Somewhere else, things are as you would anticipate. The hairspring is Rolex restrictive blue Parachrom amalgam, the recurrence is 28,800vph, safeguards are Paraflex, and the development adjusts to the brand’s Superlative Chronometer rating, which guarantees timekeeping exactness of between – 2/+2 seconds per day. It might have possessed to sit tight a long energy for it, yet the Submariner currently has a similar type as the remainder of the time-and-date list, including its two jump watch stablemates.

The Bracelet

Both the Rolex Submariner ref. 126610LN and the ref. 126610LV are fitted with the brand’s famous three-interface Oyster arm band. Notwithstanding, as the watch’s case has been reshaped, its hauls are presently 21mm separated rather than 20mm as before. That has prompted the wristband requiring a few changes as well, and the entire thing is more extensive all through its whole length, with the most remarkable expansion in width being to the fasten. Rolex has endeavored to straighten out the resistances also, and this cutting edge Oyster has basically no noticeable holes between links.

As previously, and with regards to the other pair of Rolex jump watches, the arm band of the new 2020 Submariner is fitted with both the Oysterlock wellbeing catch to secure against inadvertent opening, alongside the Glidelock augmentation framework to take into consideration 20mm of hardware free change that can be executed on-the-fly in 2mm intervals.

So there we have it. The new Submariner is here, and its modifications, anyway minor they may sound, amount to a far unexpected watch in comparison to the one it replaces. The forceful position of the previous Super Case model has been loose, taking us back to prior structures, while the increment in size is completely fit to contemporary appetites.

The development is future, pretty much as bleeding edge as you can get in a cutting edge creation time and date development. In particular however, this is still unmistakably a Rolex Submariner. Its essentials have been with us since 1953, and everything necessary outwardly from Rolex these days is an intermittent tweaking to set it up for the future. 10-years prior, that was a bigger, more muscle-bound structure; today, it is a knowing wink to past wonders and a slight hint of refined elegance.

The new 2020 hardened steel Submariner watches – the ref. 126610LN and the ref. 126610LV – have both gotten straight down to business, with practically widespread recognition from all corners for both capacity and looks. While they do stamp a critical change to the exemplary Rolex Submariner line, there’s no uncertainty these most recent pieces will carry on probably the proudest inheritance in the business.