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Rolex Bezels: How to use the Yacht-Master II Bezel

Rolex Bezels: How to use the Yacht-Master II Bezel

In this portion of the How-To Bezel Series, we will show you how to utilize the Yacht-Master II bezel as different capacities that accompany it. Created in 2007, the Yacht-Master II has been available for barely 10 years and can be found in yellow gold, white gold, Oystersteel, or two-tone Everose varieties. A new Rolex type 4161 ceaseless development beats inside the case and was created by Rolex to incorporate a Regatta commencement, which can be gotten to by the 10-minute ring command bezel. The actual bezel is intended to commencement, rather than other chronograph watches that tally up. The case is consistently waterproof up to 100 meters and is finished off with either a Cerachrom clay bezel or a platinum bezel.

The Rolex Yacht-master 16655 included in Everose with an Oysterflex bracelet

The Yacht-Master I versus the Yacht-Master II

While the Yacht-Master II looks fairly like its archetype, it’s really a totally different watch. First off, the Yacht-Master II’s ring command bezel is an exceptionally complex capacity that is incorporated into the actual development. One of the principal watches to offer a bezel that is straightforwardly incorporated into the development, the Yacht-Master II is, in its own right, an advancement in Rolex plan. The bezel can be found with a Cerachrom or platinum embed just as a 10-minute scale. The first Yacht-Master I ‘s bezel is substantially more straight-forward and flaunts a bi-directional plan and hour long graduations. The Yacht-Master II likewise offers chronograph capacities, which can be gotten to through the side pushers. This element is clearly missing from the Yacht-Master I.

Learning how to utilize the Yacht-Master II bezel can be troublesome, however with a little practice it tends to be quite possibly the most valuable watches Rolex needs to offer

How To Use the Yacht-Master II Bezel & Chronograph functions.

To get to the chronograph capacities, the top and base side pushers will be utilized. To begin and stop the chronograph seconds hand on the dial, press the top pusher. It will at that point start to clear clockwise around the dial. To reset the seconds hand to the 12 o’clock position, press the base pusher.

To get to the programmable Regatta commencement work, unscrew the crown and turn the ring command bezel counterclockwise until it clicks into position (90 degrees). You would then be able to press the base pusher to set the bezel. Utilizing the screw-down crown, you would now be able to set the devoted triangle hand to arrange with the 10-minute counter that circles the focal point of the dial. To commencement from 5 minutes, set the hand to the 5 position, etc. Turn the bezel clockwise back into its unique position and screw the crown once again into the case. Press the top pusher to begin or stop the commencement.

Pressing the base pusher while the chronograph capacities are being used enacts the “Flyback” work, which naturally moves the commencement back to the latest moment. The Regatta chronograph likewise includes a mechanical memory. By resetting the time through the base pusher, the triangle hand will naturally get back to whichever minute it was at first set at before the commencement started.

Learning how to utilize the Yacht-Master II bezel has unlimited applications in regular day to day existence and isn’t only for proficient cruising. Additionally, is the Yacht-Master II flaunts an assortment of metal alternatives , making it simple to locate the ideal reference to suit your way of life, regardless of whether you’re taking an interest in a Regatta or heading into the workplace.