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Ressence - Type 1

Ressence – Type 1

Ressence was established in 2009 to understand the plan vision of his founder, the Belgian modern fashioner Benoit Mintiens, and develop another watch idea described by an intense translation of what has consistently been considered as an authoritative opinion is watchmaking, the hands of the dial. A watch without real hands.

In the Ressence watches, what show up from the start to be “hands” are indeed markings on circling plates, or, all the more precisely, turning discs within plates. Every one of great importance, second and day sign discs rotates on their own hub, while at the same time turning 360° like clockwork inside the complete dial which pivots to show the minutes. A complex module of cog wheels whose component was granted a patent. The signs are engraved and loaded up with white Super-LumiNova, sparkling green in the dim.

The Type 3 model, introduced at BaselWorld 2013, was granted with the  Revelation Watch Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix of a year ago.

This year, for BaselWorld 2014, Ressence – whose name is the mix of the words renaissance and pith and whose “hand” symbol the image of Antwerp, where the company is settled – will feature the new Type 1 whose plan has been fundamentally improved compared to the Type 3. It’s presently more refined and considerably more moderate.

No bezel,  no crown, no level surfaces except for delicate, bended ones. The 42 mm wide and 13 mm thick titanium case is further highlighted by its carries, which seem to have outgrown the caseband, an impact that was accomplished by machining them from a similar Grade 5 titanium block as the case, as opposed to screwing or patching them to the case.

The Type 1 highlights a naturally bended sapphire crystal streaming directly down to the case as opposed to sitting on top of a bezel. The dial itself is likewise bended, similar to the indication discs inside, requiring inclined tomahawks for each plate.

The top sapphire precious stone really follows the bend of the dial and these bends are both complemented and supported by a symmetrically curved sapphire gem on the back. Thus, 80% of the case is made of sapphire precious stone making the Type 1 amazingly impervious to scratches. 

The entire sapphire caseback turns inside a metal roller confine and satisfies the elements of the crown. The Type 1 is ended up by turning the case back. Turning the back case in the two ways sets the time. The equilibrium of the development beats at 28,800 vph while the force hold is 38 hours.

The arched back of the Type 1 is planned so that its centre contacts the wrist between the bones. Because of the ergonomic plan and the light weight (just 75 grams), the Type 1 is a very comfortable watch.

At BaselWorld 2014, the Ressence Type 1 will be accessible in three distinctive finishes. The Type 1B (B for Black) has a matt dark dial with Super Luminova grade A charts that sparkle green in the dark. The Type 1W (W for White) has a matt white dial ( sandblasted silver ) with dim Super Luminova graphs. The Type 1Ch (Ch for Champagne) has a metallic sandblasted champagne hued dial. The file rings are in rhodium and delicate cleaned. The diagrams are white and dark all in Super Luminova grade A. In Summer 2014 two additional renditions will enhance the assortment, one with a metallic sunray dim dial and the other with a silver metallic dial with an exemplary three dimensional guilloche get done with blued hands.

You can play with the Ressence Type 1 dial and find its capacities at this connection .