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Rarer Than The Holy Grail? The Rolex Zerographe, Reference 3346

Rarer Than The Holy Grail? The Rolex Zerographe, Reference 3346

Many Rolex gatherers think about the Split-Seconds Chronograph, reference 4113 to be the “Sacred goal” of vintage Rolex. Just twelve were made, just eight have at any point surfaced, and they can get over 1,000,000 dollars at sell off. In any case, there is a Rolex considerably more extraordinary and dark than the reference 4113: the Rolex Zerographe, reference 3346.

There are numerous remarkable angles about this watch. Take a nearby look.

The Rare Zerographe

The reference 3346 is the principal Rolex chronograph, an extravagance watch , to highlight an in-house development. Past chronographs were based around Valjoux developments, however the Zerographe, reference 3346 is a 17-gem, manual-wind Rolex development with extra parts added to make a fly-back, stop-seconds function.

When the catch situated at the 2 o’clock position is squeezed, the second hand – which is generally constantly clearing, hops back to nothing. However long the catch stays squeezed, the recycled will stay at the zero position, and will just beginning moving again once the client delivers the button.

The Rolex Reference 3346 highlights 17 jewels.


While this chronograph capacity may appear to be very crude compared to part seconds developments with different sub-dials, it should be noticed that the reference 3346 was inherent 1937. To place that into point of view, the United States didn’t enter WWII until 1941; this Zerographe reference isn’t simply vintage; it is incredibly old.

While Rolex’s first at any point in-house chronograph development is sufficiently propitious to make interest among authorities, the reference 3346 is additionally the main Rolex at any point to highlight a turning bezel. This may not appear to be critical; anyway turning bezels are presently a famous component of the brand. The way that Rolex’s turning bezel can be followed back to the reference 3346 is sufficient to make the Zerographe critical; notwithstanding, when you likewise factor in Rolex’ first in-house chronograph development, you really have an extraordinary watch that has helped shape the historical backdrop of one of horology’s most regarded names.

A pivoting bezel was an immense accomplishment when this watch previously came out.

The Rolex Zerographe, reference 3346 is so old thus uncommon, that there is basically no notice of it anyplace in true Rolex writing. Part of the purpose for this nonappearance is that the chronograph restrictions make the 3346 all the more a refined test-idea than a settled plan. It is assessed that Rolex created somewhere in the range of seven and twelve 3346s, and just four models are known to in any case be in existence.

The reference 3346 checks all the crates for vintage gatherers: It was the principal Rolex to contain an in-house chronograph development, just as highlight a pivoting bezel. Moreover, the reference 3346 is old, and there were just ever a limit of twelve delivered in any case. Not all Rolex authorities can be fulfilled by a vintage Daytona or even a “Major Crown” Submariner. For those that require indisputably the most significant level of extraordinariness and indefinite quality , there is the Zerographe 3346.