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Piaget - Altiplano Skeleton Enamel 1200E

Piaget – Altiplano Skeleton Enamel 1200E

The Piaget Altiplano Skeleton has a 38 mm case with a total thickness of 5.34 mm which makes the Altiplano the most slender automatic skeleton watch on the planet with the most slender automatic skeleton development (2.40 mm).

Piaget  has now added considerably more value to this elite model with the Altiplano Skeleton Enamel 1200E showcased at the Watches & Wonder 2014 presentation, as of late held in Hong Kong.

The ultra-dainty automatic Caliber 1200E, the primary at any point enameled skeleton development, offers a remarkable demonstration of Piaget’s interesting capability of mixing the jeweller’s and master-watchmaker’s talents.

In this model, the art of enameling generally applied to the dial is transposed to the functional parts of the caliber (the mainplate) with the enormous challenge of maintaining the balance between emptying out the parts and guaranteeing the functionality of the mechanism.

Specially created to face the challenges of skeleton-working, this enamel composed of unadulterated silica and metal oxides makes it feasible for it to withstand the same traction as the skeletonised gold mainplate. The mainplate and the enamel should go through around five progressive firings at temperatures of somewhere in the range of 780 and 800 degrees Celsius, without being misshaped. The enamel is applied with a brush in incredibly fine layers between each terminating.

The Piaget Altiplano 1200E is available in two variants: for Men in white gold and black enamel, for Ladies in rose gold with white enamel and a diamond-set bezel which is an additional verification of virtuosity thinking about the ultra thin case.

Two years of advancement, including a whole year for the enamel alone, were needed to take the revolutionary Caliber 1200S – on which the 1200E is based – to this new level.