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Ochs und Junior - Annual Calendar Brass

Ochs und Junior – Annual Calendar Brass

Ochs und Junior just introduced the Annual Calendar Brass, a really moderate annual calendar made in titanium (case, crown and clasp) and metal (dial) with no additional tones.

Three specially crafted moving parts empower a calendar work which requires change just once each year, when a  typical annual calendar work utilizes around 40 sections. The restrictive arrangement is  in light of an ETA 2824-2 development.

Dial-contrast is accomplished through hand-patination of the processed lists, month, date, and work day specks with an antique craftsmanship form reclamation arrangement. A similar cycle is applied to the hour and moment hands. A little excentric speck is processed into the hand-patinated second plate to show that the watch is running.

The date, month and work day can be recognized by the situation of the turning dots on the dial. The date holes are each precisely two minutes separated on the dial for added intelligibility of the specific moment.

Accessible case sizes are 39mm or 42mm with sapphire crystal. Case is additionally accessible in silver.

The cost is 8,000 Swiss Francs for the titanium rendition and 10,000 Swiss Francs for the silver one.