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NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Neomatik Doctors Without Borders

NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Neomatik Doctors Without Borders

In the approach Baselworld 2019, German extravagance watch producer, NOMOS Glashütte prodded the market by delivering a couple of new Tangente neomatik watches for Doctors Without Borders.

The Collaboration

The association with Doctors Without Borders ( Ärtze ohne Grenzen in the brand’s local tongue) is the same old thing, yet it is a welcome revitalization of a helpful undertaking that talented the watch business with perhaps the most famous and sought after Tangente models ever. What’s more, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there have been a lot to look over (simply look at the NOMOS Encyclopedia in the event that you don’t trust me).

With two exceptional versions for the German market, two for the UK, and two for the USA, the first run stretched out to 6,000 pieces. An extra pair was delivered to help those influenced by the hurricane in the Philippines in 2013. That carried the complete to 8,000 watches. Given the fame of these models, it was a savvy move not to call time on this joint effort, regardless of the way that it had been booked to end this year.

Instantly unmistakable, the red twelve, dark oxidized hands, and the Ärtze ohne Grenzen text at six o’clock recognize this unique version from the center models. The progressions are not immense, but rather they are viable. This unobtrusive blaze of shading was everything necessary to drive the ‘Nomies’ (an informal epithet for enthusiasts of the brand) wild with energy.

Pleasingly, little has switched about the set-up of the relationship, albeit given the higher MSRP of the new models, the gift – which had been €100 per piece – has likewise ascended to €250. Maybe the most energizing thing for some is the way that these watches will be accessible all around the planet. Without regional limitations, any individual who needs one will actually want to get one without getting onto a plane.

But that implies you’ll have to move quickly. This time around, NOMOS Glashütte is just delivering 250 of each reference! By dropping the complete contribution from 8,000 units to only 500, the brand has made a colossal spike in restrictiveness. What’s more, if past interest is any pointer of how rapidly these 500 models will sell out, the individuals who need to buy one would be wise to do so sooner than later.

The Case and Dial

NOMOS Glashütte has kept things basic simply by delivering two sizes – an exemplary 35mm case, and the more contemporary 39mm case (which really quantifies 38.5mm however wears much bigger). The dials of these new Tangente neomatik watches are quickly suggestive of the first Doctors Without Borders joint effort, with the solitary increases being the little numerals like clockwork and the neomatik text underneath the word marque. The content at six o’clock is in German for these pieces, which I believe is a decent touch.

a few years prior, NOMOS settled on the disruptive choice to anglicize their terminology. The expectation was to globalize the brand and make the inventories more obvious, however there was an anticipated reaction from long-lasting brand adherents. I’m happy to see the brand has turned around this choice for these models at any rate.

The Movements

Powered by the multi-grant winning DUW3001, both NOMOS Glashütte Tangente neomatik Doctors Without Borders watches are overly thin thus. The actual development quantifies simply 3.2mm thick. Notwithstanding a particularly thin fountainhead, it can squeeze out a force hold of 42 hours, because of a decreased working pace of 21,600vph.

One of the things that has consistently intrigued me most about the DUW3001 is the way that it is twisted by a halfway mounted rotor weight. Focal rotors are frequently shunned for the unconventional load to save tallness. I lean toward them outwardly and furthermore like the reality they are in fact more effective at really winding the watch. One eccentricity of the DUW3001 that buyers ought to know about is that it has a fairly uproarious bearing framework. This is down a few components.

Firstly, the case dividers are dainty (henceforth the 30m water obstruction). It is consequently normal that they are less soundproof than bigger lodgings. Also, the DUW3001 and DUW6101 highlight a slowing mechanism that restricts the development of the winding weight once the origin is completely wound. The reason for this is to broaden the life expectancy of the development. This is valuable to the company, which notwithstanding its worldwide aspirations, is just around 300 individuals solid (and under 20 of those workers are after deals watchmakers). The advantage for the customer is straightforward: the watch ought to support less mileage and, over the span of the shopper’s possession, ought to require adjusting less frequently.


All in all, this is a solid delivery by NOMOS Glashütte. It’s incredible to see the new arm band on the Tangente – a model whose rakish lines are obviously better fit to this straight-connected wristband than the more voluptuous Club Campus on which it appeared recently.

The Tangente neomatik is quite possibly the best NOMOS watches at any point made dependent on the Doctors Without Borders’ history. Pivotal as well, is the way that this exceptional version depends on NOMOS’s most famous piece. The brand doesn’t have a logo nor does it have a diplomat; the Tangente has consistently been both. The perfect modifications from the center piece make these models extraordinary without being lavish.

The 39mm (38.5mm) case is ideal for present day tastes, while the 35mm adaptation of the gives an exemplary size to conservatives and those with more modest wrists. The wristband has been at the highest point of the Nomies’ list of things to get for quite a long time, and it is at last here. I don’t believe it’s ideal, however it fundamentally expands the brand’s allure.

Thankfully, this delivery presents all that is acceptable about the brand in a flawless and clean bundle. Restricted to 250 pieces for every reference, the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente neomatik Doctors without Borders watches will retail for $ 3,780 for the 39mm form, and $3,460 for the model with the 35mm case.

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