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How to Become a Watchmaker

How to Become a Watchmaker

Despite destruction mongers spending the most recent couple of years foreseeing the passing of very good quality mechanical watches for the long-on-accommodation yet short-on-creativity Smart models, the notoriety of these extravagance wrist machines has rarely been more prominent.

While that is clearly something to be thankful for, it makes issues of its own.

As any individual who has sent their cherished watch away for a maintenance, or even only an assistance, and needed to stand by a painful period of time to get it back again will tell you, the world requirements more watchmakers.

Sending your watch in for fix can be tedious and costly. In the event that solitary the world had more watchmakers…

In the U.S. especially, where we purchase in excess of 750,000 high worth pieces every year, the requirement for exceptionally prepared specialists to care for them everything is a pressing one. The New York fix place for Patek Philippe, for instance, manages in excess of 10,000 watches every year, except has only 19 watchmakers on staff.

Becoming a Watchmaker

It takes a particular kind of individual to join the little however select positions of the world’s watchmakers. Unquestionably not a task just anybody can do, it requires both an unmistakable rundown of individual ascribes just as a colossal measure of preparing.

What does it take to be a watchmaker? In case you’re fixated on watches that is a decent start

Obviously, the first and most significant trademark you ought to have is an energy for watches. Or then again, a fixation may be a superior method to depict it. Just with a profound attached obsession and want to comprehend the complex inward functions of a mechanical watch can you progress through the different phases of your schooling.

obviously, odds are on the off chance that you are thinking about a vocation as a watchmaker, that level of commitment is guaranteed. Yet, you will have to have excellent vision just as wonderful hand-to-eye coordination. Everything about watchmaking depends on the most extreme accuracy, regularly working with components that are estimated in millimeters and resistances estimated in microns. Consistent hands and sharp vision are a flat out need.

what’s more, solid logical abilities are another essential. All that goes into a watch has a reason, regardless of whether it isn’t immediately obvious to the unaided eye. Having the option to see the master plan, how frameworks cooperate and make the bound together entire, is an ability to either have or strive to develop.

Training to become a watchmaker requires innumerable hours and a reasonable venture of money


The choice to become a watchmaker isn’t one to be trifled with. It will take a huge interest in both time and cash to become prepared to the point of employability. Getting active experience is significant—this isn’t something you can encourage yourself from finding out about it or marathon watching YouTube recordings.

That being said, what is the most ideal approach to gain proficiency with the craft of watchmaking?


There are fundamentally two ways to becoming a watchmaker; going to class or winning yourself an apprenticeship.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages and the lone right decision is the one that is ideal for you.

Finding the correct apprenticeship is challenging

With apprenticeships, the greatest obstacle, in any event at the outset, is discovering somebody able to take you on. Albeit the extravagance watch market is positively appreciating some inconsiderate wellbeing right now, it can in any case be a significant test getting a spot working one next to the other with an expert watchmaker.

However, in the event that you do oversee it, the awards for the exertion are significant. There’s no uncertainty that accepting one-on-one preparing is the awesome speediest approach to become familiar with any new ability. Despite the fact that watchmaking school classes are generally just comprised of a small bunch of understudies, nothing beats having an educator committed to you and you alone. It can in a real sense thump a very long time off your learning experience. The preparation can likewise be custom fitted to your method of working and the speed with which you get things, without stressing over lingering behind the remainder of the class.

The conspicuous disadvantage is you should discover some approach to help yourself for the length. Apprenticeships generally aren’t paid and you will require either an extensive singular amount behind you, or, in all likelihood land yourself another position to support your examinations. Contingent upon various components, you will be unable to cover every one of your costs with low maintenance income and it very well may be important to take a regular work and make your apprenticeship low maintenance.

The other issue you ought to consider is the relevance of the preparation you get. Many expert watchmakers can stall out in their manners, evading the most state-of-the-art methods and capabilities for the manner in which they have been getting things done for quite a long time. The abilities they are instructing you may not be up to the most recent industry guidelines.

Watchmaking School

Although it is simpler to get a spot in a watchmaking school than it is to discover an apprenticeship position, there are as yet a lot a bigger number of candidates than there are spots accessible in class.

WOSTEP is the lone globally perceived supplier of courses inside the business that manages Swiss watches

The Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program , or WOSTEP, is the lone universally perceived supplier of courses inside the business that manages Swiss watches. Begun in 1966, it has offshoot schools everywhere on the world, however unfortunately, just two in the U.S.

The North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking in Fort Worth, Texas, and The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School in Miami both offer the 3,000-hour WOSTEP affirmation, in either a long term course. With each solitary tolerating a stream of new confirmations consistently, they can be incredibly hard to get into, yet the motivating force is the capacity to look for some kind of employment anyplace on the planet.

Another exceptionally respected course is the Swiss American Watchmakers in Training Alliance (SAWTA) program offered by a few schools around the country. Presumably the most mainstream preparing base is the Lititz Watch Technicum in Pennsylvania, followed closely by the Watch Technology Institute at North Seattle Community College . The program was set up by Rolex explicitly to address the deficiency in watchmakers sufficiently talented to chip away at their pieces, a difficult that began, thinking back to the 80s after the business had been pushed to the edge of total collapse by the quartz emergency. All SAWTA schools are supported by the brand and adjust to their normalized educational program.


Obviously, deciding to enter the watchmaking calling is a critical choice, one to which you must commit at any rate two years of your life.

It can be an overwhelming possibility, however fortunately there are approaches to dunk your toes into the horology world without diving in immediately.

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute offers a couple of short classes to help prepare you for a watchmaking career

The AWCI, the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute , offers a few short tester seminars on numerous parts of the specialty, ideal for cutting your teeth prior to settling on an aggregate, and costly, difference in profession.

The 5-day Watch 100: Introduction to Watchmaking class is ideal for ensuring it is the correct move for you, prior to progressing on to additional top to bottom investigations. A significantly more limited attack is the Build a Watch day, where you amass an ETA 6497 type, case it up, introduce dial and hands and make your own special watch.

The organization additionally runs a few advanced education classes, more centered around covering explicit elements of watchmaking.


Becoming a watchmaker is a difficult at the end of the day hugely compensating profession. Reestablishing an old and worn watch to its previous wonder is something not very many individuals can do, and gives a lot of fulfillment. Also, it is a calling that is continually evolving. As new advancements and new watches arise constantly, your schooling as a watchmaker is rarely wrapped up. You will learn until the day you resign.

While it very well might be a hard trudge to begin, and the preparation is likely to push you as far as possible, it is an awesome industry to be a piece of.

And with the market for extravagance observes just going from one solidarity to another, your recently procured range of abilities is likely to become progressively popular.