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Hot Take: The Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue SPB097J1

Hot Take: The Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue SPB097J1

We have expression of another jumper, the Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue, an extraordinary release for the European and US markets.

Seiko is no more unusual to uncommon editions.  With the declaration of the new Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue, the brand keeps things moving with their most current territorial offering.   In the past, it was Japan and some southeast Asian nations accepting all the consideration, however this freshest jumper is showcased essentially towards the European and US market.  It’s practically week after week since Seiko reports a type of a restricted or unique offering.  To recap what’s gone on of late with Seiko, there have been various cooperation pieces with Japanese architects and style companies, a restricted version piece with a goldsmith in the new SPB107 Topper Limited Edition , last year’s European market Dawn Gray arrangement with both a Turtle and a Samurai, and the monstrously famous supposed SRPC49 “Ninja Turtle” that was sold as an extraordinary release during 2018.  I’m certainly missing different deliveries, yet let’s center around today’s news.

Based on the 1968 Diver Reinterpretation

The new Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue comes in as ref. SPB097J1 and like the Topper piece I referenced beforehand, this one is additionally founded on the advanced re-translation of the 1968 diver.  The standard version models (the dark dial/dark bezel on wristband SPB077J1, the dark dial/blue bezel on dark silicone tie SPB079J1, dark dial/blue & red bezel on silicone tie PADI SPB087J1, and the blue dial/dark bezel on arm band and tie SPB083J1) were what I’d call sleeper hits.  We weren’t promptly taken with them because of the utilization of Seiko’s current handset highlighting a huge bolt hour hand, however time has changed things.  Most of us presently accept that this could very well be Seiko’s best all-around diver.

With its moderately thin 13.1mm case profile, 44mm measurement and 51mm drag to haul, the Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue wearable and light – particularly when set on the flexible silicone strap.  Plus, the utilization of the upper mid-level 6R15 programmed with 50 hours of force save is a decent expansion over the 4R36 in the Turtle regardless of both being acceptable, dependable movements.

Orange and Twilight Blue

Taking a glance at the Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue, there are some decent tones at work here.  I’ll be straightforward, when I initially saw the dhgate watches on my telephone, I thought it resembled the red and blue PADI release with a blue dial.  However, a superior view showed orange rather than red and I like it.  Aside from the utilization of orange on the initial 15 minutes of the bezel (the remainder of the bezel looks dark), it’s likewise in play on the seconds hand, at regular intervals on the part ring and signifies the 200 meter water resistance.  This orange sits well against the cobalt blue dial that Seiko calls “twilight”.

In truth, Seiko reveals to us that the whole bundle should help one to remember a dusk against the sea in Malta of all places.  Rounding out the Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue  is the alluring incorporation of both a steel wristband and dark silicone strap.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

The Seiko Prospex Twilight Blue is estimated at 1,200 Euros, which is certifiably not a premium over the standard creation SPB083J1 that likewise incorporates a wristband and strap.  With Seiko extraordinary releases, we never truly know when they’ll shut off the virtual spigot and quit making them, yet I’d accept purchasers have a couple of months to make their decision.  I am not generally installed with all of Seiko’s uncommon pieces (I was quite irresolute about the Dawn Gray pieces), yet this one looks great in my eyes.  I am a devotee of orange, however regularly just when it is exercised with self control (except if it’s a Doxa!).  I figure Seiko worked really hard here and the way that it’s matched with my present most loved jumper from the brand simply adds to the decency factor.

This Seiko Prospex Twilight is at a bargain presently, so head to your closest Seiko store to see, or see it online on .