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Highlights from the auctions - Christie’s "Patek Philippe 175", 9 November 2014

Highlights from the auctions – Christie’s “Patek Philippe 175”, 9 November 2014

Remarkable outcomes at Christie’s “Patek Philippe 175”, a thematic auction of 100 watches from the notable watch manufacturer in a special occasion held yesterday evening at Christie’s Geneva. We list underneath a portion of the features of the sale which realized more than 19 millions Swiss Francs.

The Patek Philippe Reference 2499 First Series in pink gold (parcel 59) achieved the amount of Swiss Francs 2,629,000 (US$ 2,714,803). Made in 1951 and the solitary pink gold example with English import marks, this perpetual calendar chronograph carried a pre-­sale estimate of Swiss Francs 1,600,000 – 2,600,000. Just 349 bits of Reference 2499 were made during 35 years of creation, and just a handful were made in pink gold. In the main arrangement made during the 1950s, just 4 examples in pink gold are known to the market.

The Patek Philippe Reference 2523 (part 64 ), a gold two crown world clock with­ a beautiful blue enamel dial and unconventional hands, realized Swiss Francs 2,250,000 (US$ 2,297,618). The  estimate was Swiss Francs 1,500,000 – 2,500,000.

The part 63 was a rare Patek Philippe Reference 2497 in white gold made in 1953. This white gold perpetual calendar wristwatch with moon phases – just the third example in white gold of a Reference 2497 known to exist and the primary example of this model in white gold at any point to appear out in the open to date – achieved the amount of Swiss Francs 2,045,000 (US$ 2,111,743) versus an estimate of Swiss Francs 1,000,000 – 2,000,000.

Characterized by a remarkable 37.3 mm gold case paired with the triple-ventured bezel and elongated straight carries, the Patek Philippe Reference 3449 realized Swiss Francs 1,205,000 (US$ 1,244,328). According to literature, just three bits of this exceptional, hand-wound perpetual calendar watch were at any point made, all in 1961, all sold in 1965 and all three numbered in grouping. The estimate for this part 75 was Swiss Francs 1,000,000 – 2,000,000.

Part 42 was a Patek Philippe Reference 530, a very rare and historically important stainless steel chronograph wristwatch (36.5 mm diam.) with silvered area dial. Made and sold in 1939, it is accepted to be the absolute first example of a reference 530 in stainless steel to have left the factory, making it also an important observer in Patek Philippe’s set of experiences of complicated steel watches. It was sold for the amount of Swiss Francs 593,000 (US$ 612,354) versus an estimate of Swiss Francs 200,000 – 400,000.

Finally, “The Boeing” Patek Philippe Reference 130 (lot 35) realized Swiss Francs 485,000 (US$ 500,829) with an initial estimate of Swiss Francs 400,000 – 800,000. This yellow gold single catch split-seconds chronograph was manufactured in 1930, retailed via Cartier, and got by William E. Boeing on June 9, 1939.

Sale costs referenced in this article incorporates the buyer’s premium. The detailed aftereffects of the auction can be found here .