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HEAD Genève launches a new Chair in Watch Design

Situated in the core of Geneva, HEAD Genève is one of the significant craftsmanship and configuration preparing establishments in Switzerland. Welcoming in excess of 700 understudies from 40 unique ethnicities, the school offers BA and MA courses in Visual Arts, Cinema, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories Design, Media Design and Spaces and Communication.

In 2015, HEAD Genève will dispatch another Chair in Watch Design as a discretionary specialization inside the Product and Industrial Design program at HEAD Genève and will remember classes for watch plan and culture.

Notwithstanding of Geneva being the perceived overall capital of watchmaking, shockingly there was not at this point a particular seat in watch plan. HEAD Genève is currently going to fill the hole.

The Chair in Watch Design will be essential for the Bachelor of Arts in Product and Industrial Design, major in Jewelry and Accessory Design, and the Master of Arts in Design, major in Fashion and Accessory Design.

Suitably incorporated inside the more extensive setting of the field of plan, the program will offer a particular pathway inside the overall educational plan of adornments and embellishment plan.

The course will create three primary lines:

– getting watches (history of timekeeping and watchmaking, ideas and creation);

– specialized turn of events (2D and 3D portrayal and activity, 3D displaying, ergonomics, materials, completes and surface medicines, specialized advancement);

– understanding the watch market (watch showcasing, market examination, procedure, cost and situating, soul of brands).

The program will be driven by Marco Borraccino, watch architect and instructor in the plan of watches, modern items and extravagance merchandise, who has educated at HEAD Genève since 2008, where he has continuously evolved preparing in this area. He will be helped by three or four key figures from the watchmaking scene just as various outer worldwide benefactors.

The logical committee incorporates notable characters of the watchmaking world:

Maximilien Busser, MB&F

Timm Delfs, journalist

Manuel Emch, RJ-Romain Jerome Watches

Bernard Gautier, Beroma SA

Eric Giroud, designer

Carine Maillard, Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève

Fabrice Paget, The Luxury Brand Agency

Catherine de Vincenti, CDV Consulting

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, Agenhor SA

The program will dispatch on September 2015 with application cutoff times in March 2015 and placement test beginning in April 2015.

For more data: www.hesge.ch/head