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Hands-on With the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase

Hands-on With the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase

We investigate the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase, a chronograph with various complications.

Sometimes, you wonder who peruses your articles, yet there I was staying out of other people’s affairs when the great people at the Swatch Group here in Germany shot me a note.  You see, I had referenced a recently delivered Union Glashütte Belisar Pilot’s dhgate watches (the Big Date) on one of my week after week portions of This Week in Watches.  I had likewise expressed that I thought minimal about the brand and had never held one.  Well, the group saw this and inquired as to whether I’d be keen on checking on their new Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase.  I said yes in spite of the way that moon phase dhgate watches aren’t truly in my wheel house.  Still, assortment is something to be thankful for, right?

The Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase Arrives

A week or so later, I got the 4,800 Euro tempered steel and 18K gold Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase via the post office complete with a user’s manual – something to be thankful for that we will contact in later – and change tool.  Upon opening it, I should concede two or three things quickly struck me.  First, the completing looks truly nice.

The dial, the case, and even the embellished earthy colored cowhide lash present truly well.  The other thing that I saw is that the Belisar Moon Phase is an enormous watch.  At 44mm in width, over 53mm long, 15.35mm in thickness, and 21mm hauls, the dhgate watches is certainly excessively huge for my little wrists.  Still, there are a lot of individuals who like and, in their eyes, require a dhgate watches of this size.

An Impressive Dial

Before we get into the genuine heart of the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase, we’ll invest some energy examining the dial and case.  I referenced I saw the completing immediately and it’s evident that this dhgate watches sits in one of the Swatch Group’s center upper tiers.  I don’t know whether that bodes well, but rather I frequently consider how the Swatch Group goes to showcase with the entirety of its various brands and separates them.  Yes, I comprehend that there’s hybrid in estimating, yet then there’s additionally an alternate market fragment contingent upon the brand.  With Union Glashütte, it appears to be that they’re focusing on the individuals who appreciate German dhgate watches and the vintage pilot’s aesthetic.  But, the brand tosses in some advanced turns when glancing through their catalog.  But coming back to the dial on the Moon Phase, what I discovered is that it comes up short on the gleam that I regularly find on, say, a Longines.  And that’s fascinating on the grounds that really offers a Moon Phase utilizing a similar base movement.  When investigating current Moon Phase dhgate watches Google even directed me toward an article that Robert-Jan wrote about the dhgate watches from path back in 2014: the Longines Master Collection Moon Phase .  Needless to say, it’s evaluated likewise (in steel) to the Union, however I like the German watch’s dial far more.

Perhaps it’s because of the eggshell white dial, the relating applied gold files (3/6/9/12 are applied with gold darts denoting different hours), and the gold hands, however it comes across as tasteful and elegant.  The equivalent can be said for the printed dark textual style and the sub registers with their furrowed surfaces.  No, there’s nothing particularly novel here – you get embodiments of everything from JLC to IWC – yet it looks good.  I particularly like the way that the 9:00 sub register, which shows running seconds and a 24-hour marker, has a raised edge when compared to the submerged boundaries of the other two sub dials.  Also, and I’m sure the huge measure of land helping, yet the dial comes off as cleaned up regardless of a great deal of data close by to view.

A Unique Case With Gold Highlights

One trademark I saw when reviewing the brief on the Big Date was its case.  Specifically, the case sides seem to have fitted segments of material that screw onto the primary case to make a ventured look when seeing any dhgate watches inside the Belisar assortment from head on.  The Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase has this quality also, however for this situation, the strips are made of gold.  What you end up with is a dhgate watches that has some semi-significant gold increments, yet these features are by one way or another not in your face.  indeed, in some lighting, regardless of whether it’s the sides of the bezel, the yellow gold that Union comes off as so light that it nearly mixes into the steel principle case.

Flipping the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase over, you improve perspective on how the gold finds a way into the case sides – or “flanks” as the brand’s site calls them.  It’s a pleasant detail and something I’ve not actually seen before.

The Moon Phase Movement

The cal. UNG-25.01 programmed chronograph development is busy working inside the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase.  After a cycle of criminal investigator work, the essential distinction I could discover between this development and a standard ETA 7751 is that Union altered it somewhat to acquire a 60-hour power hold rather than the typical 46.  As you can see by means of the (8-screw) screw-down presentation case back, the brand added its own wrapping up including a halfway straightforward rotor.  But, you should ask yourself, how does this development work?  Well, the appropriate response, fortunately, is pretty easily.

Operating the Moon Phase Movement

As the UNG-25.01 inside the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase is ETA 7750-based, the chronograph capacities work per normal.  Also, the dhgate watches can be hand wound and it hacks.  Pulling the crown out 2 stops permits the wearer to set the time.  Knowing whether the dhgate watches is in AM or PM is showing by the 24-hour bolt tipped hand inside the 9:00 sub dial. Hauling the crown out one stop (or pushing it in one prevent from time setting) at that point several distinctive functions.  By turning the crown one way, the bow tipped focal hand moves easily around the dial with scarcely recognizable snaps as you travel through the dates of the month.  Moving it rapidly around the dial is additionally the best way to propel the upper right gap inside the 12:00 subdial to show up at the right month.  Once the month is correct, one stops on the right date.  Turning the crown the other way permits the proprietor to set the moon phase, which is found inside a window inside the 6:00 sub register.  I looked into the current moon phase and we had quite recently passed the “new moon” stage, so you can see the moon simply starting to wax from the left half of the window.   Finally, the little pointed apparatus that accompanied the dhgate watches can be utilized to push down a catch on the case at 10:00 to set the right day of the week.  So, indeed, it’s simple and whenever everything is set, you truly just need to stress over months with under 31 days.  Apparently, the moon phase likewise leaves arrangement a few years, yet a check now and then on the web about the current phase should keep things in order.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

As I referenced, the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase is basically excessively enormous for my wrists.  That’s not the watch’s issue – it’s hereditary qualities at work here.  Still, however, there was an enchanted thing about setting the moon phase and the way that everything worked so smoothly.  Regarding estimating, you should realize that all-pure adaptations of this dhgate watches (there is unified with gold hands and one with blued) cost 2,980 Euros.  Whether it’s in steel or bi-shading like this model, that’s not inexpensive.  But, Union Glashütte specifies in its set of experiences that they have consistently intended to bring to the table reasonable German extravagance versus brands like Glashütte Original or even Lange.  When taking a gander at it that way, they’re unquestionably less expensive.  If your wrist can deal with 44mm and you extravagant a very much completed German-made dhgate watches with complications, the Belisar Moon Phase is absolutely worth a look.

For more data on the Union Glashütte Belisar Moon Phase, visit Union Glashütte’s .