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MB&F Joins The Ranks of Indie Watch Brands With an In-House Pre-Owned Department

Hamilton – Ventura Elvis 80

Elvis Presley was a watch aficionado. He wore a few watches in his films and shows however one of the watches that he was wearing all the more every now and again was the Hamilton Ventura.

He was first given a Hamilton Ventura watch to wear in the “Blue Hawaii” film in 1961. Elvis enjoyed the watch such a lot of that he kept on wearing the piece off set.

As a recognition for Elvis, who might have turned 80 on January 8 of this current year, Hamilton introduced another translation of its famous model, the Ventura Elvis 80.

The mark three-sided state of the completely incorporated case (42.5 x 44.6 mm) is underlined by smooth brushed and cleaned surfaces. Its plan was invigorated with additional streaming shapes, a steeply slanted enemy of intelligent precious stone and a bended dial.

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 comes in material and shading combinations and it is conceivable to pick among programmed and quartz development.

The programmed adaptation is conspicuous for its PVD-treated steel case that can be coordinated to a lively elastic or a calfskin lash with sewing.

Created with ETA, the H-10 type includes an improved heart which builds the force save to 80 hours. The demonstrative cost of the Hamilton Ventura Elvis 80 Automatic is Euro 1,200.

Quartz adaptations are likewise accessible with hardened steel cases as it were. hamiltonwatch.com