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Grand Seiko Corp. Of America Strikes Out On Its Own

Grand Seiko Corp. Of America Strikes Out On Its Own

Grand Seiko is on a rebranding mission. A year ago the Japanese company separated its hand-assembled extravagance watches from the brand company’s lower-evaluated Seiko brand, all with an end goal to elevate the extravagance watchmaker . And now, they’re taking that above and beyond with the launch of Grand Seiko Corp. of America.

GSA, as it will be known, will help Grand Seiko transform the competitve, and rich, watch market in the States. “The creation of this new company is an important piece of our global strategy to raise further the profile of Grand Seiko,” Shinji Hattori, SWC Chairman and CEO, said in a statement.

Grand Seiko Corp. of America will showcase watches to the states

And no, this isn’t just about conventions. The new company will be an entirely separate entity from Tokyo, having its own separate identity, exchange dress, marketing, deals and distribution of the watches. It’s the principal independent Grand Seoko company ever, and it will help the brand sell watches through the existing network of retail partners in New York, Miami and Beverly Hills.

“With the establishment of Grand Seiko Corp. of America, the company’s operations will be part into two,” said Akio Naito, Chairman and CEO of GSA. “Grand Seiko Corporation of America will showcase Grand Seiko and the exceptional collections of Seiko through the independent retail channel. It will likewise manage all current and future retail operations.”

Seiko watches have been long been a famous watch in America, and that trend doesn’t hope to hinder any time soon

The move features what is an entirely new period for Seiko, who is looking to arrive at the degree of glory globally that they experience at home. Because while we’ve only been able to experience the brand’s extravagance watches since 2010, they’ve been producing extravagance watches at home in Japan for over thirty years. “Grand Seiko has been making remarkable advancement in the USA in the previous two years,” Hattori went on to explain. “The new company will actually want to build on that momentum, focusing uniquely on developing Grand Seiko as an extravagance watch brand and serving the needs of retail partners and our clients.”  

But stand by — what about Seiko Corp. of America? They’re the ones who, since the 1970’s, who have been pushing the lower-evaluated but ever-well known watches here in the States. All things considered, it seems like they’ll continue operations of course, but they’re getting a rebranding as well — now being called Seiko Watches of America. They’ll actually sell their quartz watches that range from about $200 to $500.

Grand Seiko has bounced into the best 10 most well known extravagance watches in the USA

At the end of the day, this is about far more than keeping up appearances, as well. Seiko has end up being a genuine, and formidable competitor in the American extravagance watch market. Truth be told, in 2018, Grand Seiko shot to the best 10 best-selling brands in the $5-10,000 range in the U.S. market (according to NPD Group).

And with the launch of GSA, we can hope to see the marketing and distribution of some incredible calibers ranging from the lower top of the line range of $2,200 to a whopping $60,000. This includes the renown watches of the Presage range just as the profoundly pursued jump watches of the Prospex brand.

That’s about all we know for the present, but next month GSA is planning an event in New York City where we’re required to learn more. Until then, we’re impatiently awaiting this new part for this brand . As Hattori said, “exciting occasions lie ahead.”