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Comparing the Rolex Submariner to the GMT-Master II

Comparing the Rolex Submariner to the GMT-Master II

Two watches, maybe the two most notable in Rolex’s games watch arrangement, have astonishing likenesses, and one can be pardoned for befuddling them a good ways off. These two watches are, obviously, the Rolex Submariner plunge watch (ref. 116610) and the GMT-Master II (we’ll consider it the GMT for short, however we’re discussing the current ref. 116710).

The Submariner GMT Master comparison

The singular narratives of the Submariner and the GMT are all around archived somewhere else, so we should compare and difference the two current models.

Here is the comparison between the Submariner and the GMT-Master II.


First, the similitudes. The Submariner and the GMT-Master II are extravagance watches. The two watches are right now housed in the 40mm breadth alleged “super case” with an earthenware or Cerachrom bezel embed. This case, done in 904L hardened steel, appeared in 2007 with the GMT (the Submariner got the new case a year later). There are minute contrasts in the two cases, however you need to set them one next to the other and look carefully to see them.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV “Hulk” is housed in a 904L case, equivalent to the GMT-Master II.

Both watches clasp to your wrist with the current Oyster arm band. What’s more, obviously, the developments of the two watches are COSC affirmed chronometers.

But the arm bands are the place where we start to see contrasts between the Sub and the GMT. The Submariner gets Rolex’s collapsing Oysterlock security catch with their Glidelock expansion framework. The GMT’s Oyster arm band, then again, clasps with an easier collapsing Oysterlock security fasten with and Easylink 5 mm comfort expansion interface. There have been various situations where the Submariner and the GMT are compared.

The GMT-Master and the Submariner have a couple of various perspectives that give it an edge.


The greatest distinction between the two watches is the GMT’s extra hour hand tipped with a three-sided “pointed stone.” This hand demonstrates the hours in 24-hour design. This fourth hand can be set autonomously of the fundamental hour hand, and the 24-hour time is set apart on the bi-directional pivoting bezel.

The Submariner and the GMT are fundamentally the same as, yet in addition very different.

In truth, while getting across time regions, one can move the GMT’s standard hour hand to reset to nearby time without influencing the 24 hour hand’s position. This makes such changes simple and routine for the occupied traveler.

The Submariner, then again, is an exemplary three-gave watch – hours, minutes, seconds. It’s accessible with or without a date work. It’s accessible taking all things together steel, two-tone steel and yellow gold, yellow gold, and white gold, each with the progressive earthenware “Cerachrom” bezel.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR has an extra hand to quantify the 24-hour day.

With the Submariner, decisions of bezel and dial tones relying upon the metal picked implies you have various varieties from which to pick. The uni-directional bezel is set apart in run of the mill jump watch design of brief augmentations, numbers every ten minutes, and the initial fifteen minutes in one-minute tick marks.

The GMT-Master has cleaned focus joins on their arm band, while the Submariner has a uniform wristband design.

The GMT’s Cerachrom bezel, then again, is set apart in 24 one hour increases (digits on the even hours). It’s right now offered several two-tone shading plans – dark/blue “Batman” (steel just) and red/blue “Pepsi” (white gold just), or all dark (steel, two-tone steel and gold, and yellow gold).

Take your vote: The Submariner or the GMT-Master.

Even however the GMT includes Rolex’s licensed Triplock screw-down crown framework, the watch is just appraised to 100M/330Ft (taking all things together metals). The Submariner is evaluated to 300M or 1000Ft. This is fascinating, given that the two watches are housed in the super case.

So the writing is on the wall. The Submariner and the GMT-Master II are friendly twins, almost indistinguishable, yet each with its own capacities.