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Cheap Thrills: Timex Weekender Review

Cheap Thrills: Timex Weekender Review

It may be the most pervasive simple watch in the whole United States; be that as it may, the Timex Weekender is an outright staple inside the super reasonable portion of the contemporary watch industry. Most as often as possible spotted on a nylon tie, everybody and their mom appears to possess one, and there is an awesome purpose behind this: the Timex Weekender can be gotten for not exactly the expense several rounds of beverages at an unremarkable mixed drink bar.

Why Bother Reviewing the Timex Weekender?

To be completely straightforward, in case you’re lacking as expected and have been thinking about the acquisition of a Timex Weekender, read no further and simply purchase the watch (regardless of whether you as of now have various extravagance watches in your assortment). Indeed, it’s a quartz watch, and a not extremely energizing one at that; anyway given the surprisingly unassuming value point, I recommend trying the Weekender out. On the off chance that you wind up enjoying it, fantastic. On the off chance that not, I’m certain you’ve presumably feasted at a café that you weren’t excessively attached to either, and likely weren’t excessively vexed about the financial expense associated with the entire experience.

However, in case you’re in any way similar to me, you will consider straightforward and modest buying choices to the total finish of the web, while at the same time spending altogether bigger entireties on supper, beverages, and canine treats while never thinking about the buys. Along these lines, for every one of you such as myself that will be slanted to peruse various surveys about the Timex Weekender prior to pulling the trigger on the acquisition of a watch that straightforwardly costs probably however much a fair NATO lash, here you go.

A Weekender to Call My Own

For years, I had seen the Timex Weekender on the wrists of incalculable ‘non-watch individuals’ – and since they didn’t actually think often about the watch that they wore, I didn’t all things considered. I was glad to simply allow the Weekender to exist as an all around familiar yet neglected corner of the watch business. Nonetheless, that changed when I saw that few of my cousins possessed Timex Weekender watches, and two of them claimed numerous Weekenders in various tones. OK, what am I missing?

My cousins know that I expound on watches, and that I would gladly offer recommendations about fair watches at any value point. Notwithstanding, the way that two of them were so content with the Weekender that they stopped looking any further for a “superior” watch, and rather bought one more Timex Weekender (in an alternate tone) truly made me need to investigate the wellspring of all my horological FOMO.

So, off to Amazon where I had the option to get a Weekender for generally $23 with free delivery. I had at first needed to get the adaptation of the Timex Weekender that comes on the one-piece nylon lash; anyway as these were selling for somewhat more on Amazon that day, I bought the variation that comes on a cowhide NATO-style strap.

The included industrial facility calfskin tie leaves a ton to be wanted. Fortunately, the standard Timex Weekender has 20mm drags, and I own a cabinet loaded with lashes, so this was a simple fix. Inside a moment of accepting the watch, I had it on a nylon lash and was setting it to the legitimate time.


  • Case Diameter: 38mm
  • Case Thickness: 9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 45mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Case Material: Chrome-completed brass
  • Caseback: Stainless steel
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Dial: Arabic Markings (Full) + 24 Hour Time
  • Movement: Quartz Analog with INDIGLO® Night-Light
  • Battery: CR2016

Initial Impressions

Overall, the watch is a generally strong contribution, particularly given its humble and available value point. The way that the case is chromed metal as opposed to hardened steel at first struck me as fairly bizarre. Will steel truly be substantially more costly? Nonetheless, Timex was initially established as the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854, by Benedict & Burnham – a Connecticut-based metal producer, so in a marginally backhanded way, metal is all the more consistent with the legacy of the brand. Notwithstanding, at this value range, it’s elusive a genuine flaw with this part of the watch (same goes for the snap-on, as opposed to tighten caseback).

The adaptation of the Timex Weekender that I bought has a white dial with dark markings, dark hour/minute hands, and a red seconds hand. Its appearance is characteristically easygoing, which I don’t believe is a shortcoming in this occasion, and the reasonable, high-contrast markings make it unimaginably intelligible, in any event, when seen in faint light or at an extraordinary angle.

The INDIGLO light is consistently a decent element on Timex watches. We regularly get made up for lost time discussing the strength of lume on current apparatus watches; in any case, Timex’s INDIGLO innovation is a far predominant answer (for by far most of everyday applications). Essentially press the crown internal, and the whole dial illuminates as long as you hold it down. With the whole dial shining a brilliant blue/green tone, the watch becomes staggeringly neat, taking out all issues in regards to referring to the time in low-light conditions.

Performance and Use

As the Timex Weekender is a quartz watch, satisfactory timekeeping is basically a given as long as you supplant the battery in it like clockwork. Other than changing it when I exchanged time regions during my movements, not once did I consider whether the Weekender was running, or on the off chance that it was keeping legitimate time. In the length that I’ve had it in my ownership, the Timex Weekender has reliably run a few seconds of the week. Also, with no date complication or different settings/highlights, there isn’t anything to change or tinker with, making the Weekender about as ‘set it and fail to remember it’ as you can get (until you need to pop another battery in it or change it for sunlight reserve funds time).

Infinitely replaceable, and at an expense of just $23 with free transportation, I was not going to child the Timex Weekender by any means. Regardless of its generally pitiful 30m water obstruction rating, I swam with it, showered with it, brought it swimming, and even credited it to a companion to use for a night in the hot tub – not fitting, but rather what was the most horrible that could have happened?

Despite this, the Timex Weekender not even once spilled, nor did it experience some other hiccups in execution. Presently, I should set aside this effort to take note of that this isn’t the legitimate method to treat a watch with a 30m water obstruction rating, and in the event that you need a watch for use in/around water, you ought to preferably search for something with a smidgen more water opposition. Be that as it may, I needed to check whether the Timex Weekender could deal with it, and it did.

With that at the top of the priority list, the Weekender was not intended for amphibian use, and in spite of the fact that I encountered no issues with dampness interruption, this is one region where your mileage may change. At this value point, it would barely be the apocalypse should the watch ultimately neglect to keep out dampness; anyway I’m glad to report that I’ve had zero issues with this during any of my experience with the watch. Albeit totally ordinary, the Timex Weekender did precisely what it was expected to do, and I delighted in the lighthearted experience of wearing a watch that could be swapped for marginally more than the bill at lunch.

My greatest issue with the Timex Weekender is that it ticks noisily (anyway kindly note that I feel fairly crazy in any event, composing this as my essential complaint). The watch becomes altogether calmer when it is worn on the wrist, yet should it be sitting across a peaceful room from you on a work area or dresser, you can without a doubt hear it tick. This sort of thing doesn’t actually trouble me, and despite the fact that I was informed that this watch could be noisy, I was still marginally found napping by precisely how uproarious this thing ticks.

Final Thoughts

If I am as a rule completely genuine, nothing about this watch – or any mass-delivered quartz watch is too moving. The Timex Weekender is not really the watch that you will wear all through your whole life and gladly pass down to the future; that is Rolex. Be that as it may, the way in to the Weekender’s accomplishment in this fairly sub-par and unpropitious section of the market is the manner by which truly it possesses the position. The Timex Weekender doesn’t attempt to be anything over what it is – a modest quartz watch that can be worn by practically any individual from the general population.

While I got the standard 38mm form of the Weekender, Timex produces the assortment in various sizes and varieties. Case sizes range from 31mm to 40mm, and there is even a chronograph form that includes a date show and a freely flexible hour hand (ideal for movement). Also, there are various dial colors accessible for the Timex Weekender, and even some peculiar Peanuts comic character-themed releases. In the event that you like the overall plan language of the Weekender, you can in all likelihood locate a particular model that addresses your stylish preferences.

As I said toward the start of this survey in the event that you are thinking about buying a Timex Weekender, simply purchase the watch. I nearly ensure that you will wind up discovering minor problem with it, or discovering things that you wish were unique – I wouldn’t consider it the most perfect spending simple watch; in any case, we should recall the value point here. In case you’re into watches, odds are that you presumably as of now have some extra 20mm ties laying around that you can mess around with on the Timex Weekender, and like we have recently examined, there are a lot of motivations to have a modest quartz watch in your assortment, paying little heed to the next extravagance watches that you may likewise own.