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Bulgari - Carillon Tourbillon

Bulgari – Carillon Tourbillon

The new Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon, Daniel Roth Collection, is an exceptionally complicated watch highlighting a three-hammer carillon, minute-redundancy and a tourbillon.

Hitting watches with carillon work are really uncommon. Indeed, the term carillon can be applied uniquely to striking instruments which play in any event three notes.

To accomplish this, the Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon utilizes three sledges and gongs. The exceptional molded gongs are altogether hand-made to accomplish an ideal and totally indistinguishable sound quality. They are bowed and molded by hand prior to being terminated again and solidified at a temperature of around 900 degrees. They are then painstakingly cleaned and cleaned before a second terminating in the heater at a marginally more slow temperature. These fastidious activities require incredible dominance to ensure amazing reverberation.

Two barrels store the energy expected to control the development, the hand-wound Manufacture Caliber DR3300 comprising 327 sections orchestrated around the huge tourbillon carriage. One barrel keeps the striking component running and is consequently rewound when the last is equipped, while different ensures a base 75-hour power hold.

The engineering of this 3Hz (21,600 vph) development, the cut-out of the NAC-treated extensions and the situating of the different parts are totally intended to uncover the magnificence of the system.

While keeping up the particular qualities of its unique plan, this new form of the Carillon Tourbillon features a slimmer pink gold case (48 mm).

The moment repeater slide on the left-hand side of the case has been marginally adjusted and repositioned to guarantee an ideal grasp.

The pink gold dial is suspended from the inward bezel ring and bested by a faceted sapphire gem (extremely complex to machine and clean) which serves to upgrade the reverberation of the striking component while additionally giving improved horizontal perceivability.

An unadulterated Haute Horlogerie creation, the Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon combines an excellent sound with a contemporary plan in the admiration of the Daniel Roth legacy. bulgari.com