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Bob’s Spotlight: GMT-Master ref. 1675

Bob’s Spotlight: GMT-Master ref. 1675

For the current week’s Spotlight, where we feature one of our own specific top picks among the gigantic scope of Rolex watches we have accessible through our online store, we’ve picked something a little special.

Among vintage watches, the GMT 1675 is quite possibly the most profoundly pursued watches from Bob’s.

The second era of the brand’s avionics themed watch, the ref. 1675 GMT-Master , had a long and famous life. Delivered in 1959, it presented with extraordinary differentiation as far as possible up to 1980; a productive run of over 20 years that gets it as one of the simpler vintage Rolexes to discover, and an entryway into the universe of exemplary watch collecting.

All GMT-Masters, nonetheless, are not made equivalent and the subject we have here is a genuinely extraordinary model. Peruse on underneath to study this particular piece.

Not all GMT-Master 1675 were made the equivalent way.

Rolex’s Co-Branding

Way once upon a time, the youthful company of Wilsdorf and Davis, later to become Rolex, made their imprint by creating unbranded looks for goldsmiths to print with their own logo and sell on under their own name. That training had stopped by the 20s, however as of late as the 1990s, unique versions of a portion of the company’s particular models would bear the names of any semblance of Tiffany or Asprey close by the Rolex moniker, assigning the lofty stores selling those tenuous examples.

Similarly, since its commencement, Rolex has made very restricted quantities of co-marked looks for specific substances, to present as one of a kind blessings or as acknowledgment for important deeds. The bestowers of these courtesies range from Middle Eastern sovereignty to military powers to top proficient tasks. At the point when French commercial jumping experts Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises teamed up with Rolex on the Sea-Dweller , the subsequent watches introduced to their tip top gathering of jumpers each had the legend COMEX engraved on the dial, making them something of a vessel watch among collectors.

But along with these specific models, a few prominent retail organizations have additionally graced their top entertainers and most steadfast representatives with Rolex watches decorated with their company logo. General store goliath Winn-Dixie is one model, and obviously, who can fail to remember the scandalous Domino’s Pizza Air-King introduced to head supervisors netting $25,000 every week for four back to back weeks?

Other Co-Branded dials incorporate Tiffany and Co., Comex, and Dominos Pizza.

Ironically, thinking about the subject of the current week’s Spotlight, Coca-Cola remunerated chiefs with 25-years’ administration with co-marked bits of their own.

Obviously, the abnormal dials recognize these specific watches, giving them a genuine feeling of selectiveness and a relating premium in cost. What’s more, the one we have here at Bob’s is a particularly fine example.

Bob’s GMT-Master ref. 1675

Our secretly marked 1675 is one of the remainder of the arrangement, arising in 1979. The first of the GMT-Master references to include a crown watch, the early pointed, or El Cornino, highlights have cleared a path for the more adjusted gatekeepers of later years. Similarly, it has the red 24-hour hand, finished off with the enormous triangle, that is right for the era.

The bezel, that generally unmistakable of characteristics with its notable blue and red Pepsi shading plan, has been supplanted at administration and gives the watch a look nearly however flawless as when it seemed to be made almost 40 years prior. The aluminum embed supplanted the previous Bakelite encompass toward the beginning of the GMT’s second generation.

Inside, the Cal. 1575 was one of Rolex’s first arrangement of completely in-house types, supplanting the Cal. 1565 of the previous models and increasing the equilibrium recurrence to 19,800vph just as adding a hacking feature.

The AB logo is from a shipping company.

And so to the dial. The ref. 1675 was fitted with a lustrous, or overlaid, dial for the initial not many long stretches of its life, similar to the entirety of Rolex’s games models. These Mark I faces likewise had gold content and markings, alongside a section ring on the soonest examples.

From the mid-sixties on, the company changed to matte dials as we see on our Mark IV model from the seventies, and the tritium-filled lists and hands have matured to a lovely cream.

But it’s the detail on the dial, simply over the six o’clock list, that places this watch in another group among authorities. The logo of the AB Trucking Company sits on the GMT-Master name, distinguishing this as one of simply a small bunch of pieces given out by the firm to its longest-serving personnel.

A pilot’s watch it could be, yet its unbelievable strength and versatility settle on it a consistent decision to present as acknowledgment for the requests of the haulage business. It gives this 1657 an extraordinariness esteem that can’t be disparaged, an immensely alluring piece of Rolex history, positioning close by any semblance of the COMEX Subs.

What are your considerations on the GMT 1675?


Twin name Rolexes are scant on the vintage market; the crown seldom permits another company to share dial space with their own name. Discovering one out of a condition as faultless as our ref. 1675 GMT-Master is something that doesn’t occur each day.

For genuine gatherers, just as the individuals who appreciate the absolute best, head over to our online store to check it out.