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Best of British: A Review of Bremont

Best of British: A Review of Bremont

If you were to think about any country whose name is inseparable from fine watchmaking , at that point it must be Switzerland. Yet, curiously, large numbers of the main advancements and developments have been brought into the world on England’s shores.

From Robert Hooke’s balance spring and Daniel Quare creating the moment hand in the 17 th century, to the different styles of escapement spearheaded by Thomases Tompion and Mudge in the 18 th century, right through to John Harwood building up the main useful automatic twisting development in 1926, the Brits once drove the world in horology advancements.

But that was quite a while past.

Failing to move with the occasions has since sent the U.K’s watchmaking industry down a similar way as their car making industry. There are currently a little modest bunch of autonomous manufacturers specked around the country, including its expense sanctuary islands seaward, producing watches in numbers that scarcely battle into twofold figures each year, offering to fanatic devotees for tremendous amounts of cash.

However, there is one exception.


Founded in 2002 by siblings Nick and Giles English (indeed, truly), Bremont is probably pretty much as quintessentially British as having tea with the sovereign or losing at football.

Bremont is quite possibly the main watch manufacturers in Europe

From their HQ in Oxfordshire’s Henley-on-Thames (home of the Henley Royal Regatta—and things don’t get much more English than that) the company produces such a watches that can compete with the absolute best quite a few Swiss monsters can offer.

The siblings’ dad Euan was a previous Royal Air Force pilot who ingrained in his children a fixation for everything avionics. At the point when he was tragically murdered in a plane crash in 1995 while practicing for an air show, in an accident that left Nick with in excess of 30 broken bones, the young men decided to respect their dad’s memory by concentrating on his other extraordinary energy; mechanical watchmaking.

Positioning themselves as principally a creator of pilot’s watches, for clear reasons, Nick and Giles set about gradually perfecting each component of the process—to such an extent that the primary model to leave their get together didn’t arise for a very long time.

Bremont’s first watches were Pilot watches

In 2007, the underlying collection showed up, the outcome of the siblings’ work with probably the best watchmaking specialists in England and Switzerland. It was time all around spent and, as opposed to just fitting an off-the-rack case with another dial, as do most of startup watch brands, Bremont set up their own personal plan language directly from the beginning.

That implied scouring the country for a provider who could craft their style of three-piece case construction, while keeping the extraordinary Bremont look; vigorously enlivened by aeronautical designing, with beautifully streaming carries that appear to soften into the bezel and a general esthetic like the main edge of an aircraft’s wing.

It was an appearance that struck a chord with pilots and horologists the same. The wonderful nature of the manufacture was obvious in each line and there was sufficient aeronautics respect to engage even the most bored group pioneer.

There was no laying on shrubs for the Brothers English notwithstanding, and the pair were resolved to develop the brand by creating the hardest device watches conceivable. They enrolled the assistance of ejector seat manufacturer Martin-Baker, whose labs subjected the Bremont models to 40-years worth of vibration testing in three days. Those cases, known as Trip-Tick (a pun with triptych) were hand-completed in similar factory as the turbine edges of Rolls Royce air motors.

Pretty soon, Bremont had developed from being a generally secret cult top pick among collectors hoping to hang out in an ocean of GMT-Masters or Navitimers and proceeded to scalp some truly heavyweight names.

The dashboards of all new Jaguar cars are outfitted with Bremont clocks, as are Norton motorcycles. Hollywood illuminators such as Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom and Ewan McGregor are huge fans, alongside those two exemplifications of British rock supernatural ness Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones and Roger Daltry of The Who . They have even made a bespoke chronograph pocket watch for The Duke of Edinburgh.

Multiple honors have followed and there are currently three Bremont shops in London and one each in New York and Hong Kong.

Putting the ‘Special’ in ‘Special Edition’

Bremont produces an expected 10,000 watches per year; clearly a fraction of the yield of any semblance of Rolex or Patek, yet a sound number for a still youthful company.

Yet since the most punctual days of the business, Nick and Giles have set out on a progression of projects that reclassify making a restricted release watch , by including in their manufacture some incredibly uncommon fixings.

The restricted release EP120 from Bremont was made with parts of a previous contender fly (Photo courtesy of Alt1tude)

It began in 2008 with the EP120, a double time region pilot containing portions of a 1942 Spitfire Mk V warrior. It is a comparable story with the Bremont P-51, a rich chronograph worked with parts of a 1944 Mustang P-51K-10.

Not exceptional enough? The Codebreaker has components rescued from the British impressive home Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing broke the Enigma machine’s coded Nazi transmissions during the war. The Bremont Victory has a center barrel crafted from metal nails taken from Nelson’s leader at the Battle of Trafalgar, and the Wright Flyer (I am not imagining this), contains a scrap of muslin from the wing of the world’s absolute first plane. As opposed to simple vanity projects, a huge bit of the proceeds from the offer of these remarkable watches goes to charitable establishments connected to their respective subjects.

The P-51 from Bremont takes motivation from the incredible P-51 Mustang

in addition, Bremont likewise manufactures a scope of models exclusively for military use, complete with the logos of their specific groups. And afterward there is the Bremont MBI, with its special red center barrel, simply accessible to pilots who have securely ejected from their aircraft in a Martin-Baker ejector seat.

So, What’s With the Funny Name?

It might appear to be weird for a venture so quick to show its British credentials to have such a decidedly French name. Yet, the account of how it came about is as great a portrayal of the company ethos as any.

A brief timeframe after the tragic passing of their dad, Nick and Giles were flying their 1930s German biplane across France when they were forced to make an emergency arrival in a rancher’s field. As opposed to protesting two Englishmen utilizing his crops as a runway, the rancher being referred to offered the young men a bed for the evening and a horse shelter to store their unpleasant running plane.

Nick and Giles named their watch company after Antoine Bremont, the frenchman who gave them cover during a storm

incidentally, the old Frenchman was himself an architect just as having been a pilot during the war, and he likewise shared an energy for horology. As Giles said, ‘he was 78 and it was similarly as though our dad had lived on 30 or so more years’.

Nick and Giles always remembered either his cordiality or his name; Antoine Bremont.

Nick and Giles on Bremont’s Future

Launching a watch company into such an overcrowded marketplace is a gutsy move. Doing it with such an uncompromising focus on far and away quality is especially courageous. Yet, the Bremont crew have gone about it in such a meticulously methodical manner that their standing for producing exceptional products is developing constantly, and which is all well and good.

What begun as a flying brand has since enhanced into making jump watches just as models pointed toward cruising and engine racing.

Nick and Giles have now extended their Bremont catalog to include jump watches

In each, the enthusiasm of the English siblings radiates through and their moderately little numbers give them an exclusive cachet you don’t get with numerous different brands.

Creative, characterful and smart, Bremont are glad to be British.