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Andy Warhol’s Rolex and a $2 Million Rose Gold ‘Stelline’ Are Up for Sale

Andy Warhol’s Rolex and a $2 Million Rose Gold ‘Stelline’ Are Up for Sale

Two of the coolest Rolex watches we’ve at any point seen are slated to cross the sale block at Christie’s Rare Watches deal, which is slated to happen at the Four Seasons des Bergues in Geneva on May 13. One is a super uncommon pink gold Rolex reference 6062 ‘Stelline’ triple schedule with moonphase and pursued “star” dial, which is required to get up to $2 million – making it a potential record competitor, as Rolex watch closeout costs at this level can undoubtedly blast past their estimates.

This ref. 6062 Rolex ‘Stelline’ triple schedule moonphase in pink gold has a pre-deal estimate of $2 Million (Image: Christie’s).

A Pink Gold Rolex ‘Stelline’ and Andy Warhol’s Ref. 3525

Of the 50 ref. 6062s created by the notorious Swiss watch brand in pink gold, just 10 were ever fitted with the ‘Stelline’ star dial, and the 6062 (initially acquainted at the forerunner with Baselworld in 1950), is one of just two Rolex models from the time frame to include a schedule complication with moonphase, Christie’s notes.

Much more affordable, yet some would contend significantly seriously intriguing gratitude to its previous proprietor, Pop Art symbol Andy Warhol, is a once in a while seen Rolex reference 3525 steel and gold chronograph. A significant model for Rolex gatherers, the reference denoted the first run through Rolex matched a chronograph development with an Oyster case, and it was just produced using 1939 to 1945.

This early chrono has an amazingly intriguing dial stamped ANTI-MAGNÉTIQUE and it very well may be said to convey the DNA of what might in the long run become Rolex’s incredible Daytona. While the steel and gold execution isn’t our top choice for this reference, the big name provenance, while not fair and square of Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, unquestionably makes for a critical watch.

Andy Warhol’s two-tone Rolex ref. 3525 chronograph (Image: Christie’s).

Christie’s has various other profoundly covetable Rolex contributions in this landmark deal also, including a yellow gold “Padellone” reference 8171, relegated by the group of the first proprietor and estimated at up to $450,000; a treated steel “Paul Newman” Daytona reference 6263 with the Mark II dial, committed by relatives of the first proprietor and estimated at up to $550,000; and a “new to the market” reference 6239 with a three-shading dial dating from around 1969 and estimated at up to $230,000.

Finally there’s perhaps the most unique contemporary Rolexes, a world-first skeleton dial Daytona exclusively created by Artisans de Geneve in collaboration with dashing legend Juan Pablo Montoya, and estimated at up to $100,000. Best of luck bidders!

The skeleton-dial Rolex Daytona tweaked by Artisans de Geneve in collaboration with Juan Pablo Montoya (Image: Christie’s).