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An Examination of the HYT H0 ‘Time is Precious’

An Examination of the HYT H0 ‘Time is Precious’

Sometimes inspecting new deliveries can be a stroll in the recreation center. Yet, occasionally, another model comes along that compels you to truly consider your response to it. The measure of time I’ve spent breaking down my sentiments towards the HYT H0 Time is Precious watch is practically amusing given its name. All things considered, I do trust it is essential to separate our underlying responses to testing pieces, to more readily comprehend the actual watch, its specific situation, and our own steadily advancing viewpoints on an industry whose work it is to keep us perpetually shaky.

Most of the time, extravagance watch plans follow a specific example. There is a lot of commonality between material decisions. We peruse and compose reams and reams of articles that appear to utilize similar words and terms again and again. At that point HYT springs up and ruins the equation. Since the time the brand’s dispatch in 2012, the group behind these insane wrist figures has appreciated playing with our heads and pulling at our heartstrings. What’s more, I for one can not get enough of it. Regardless of whether that implies I am infatuated with the HYT H0 Time is Precious watch, notwithstanding, is another matter totally.

The H0 might be HYT’s most whimsical watch yet – and that is saying a considerable amount given the maker’s other watch plans. (Image: HYT)

A Constant Fascination

I’ve been a HYT fanboy from day 1. I experienced the HYT H1 at SalonQP when I was as yet a wide-looked at watchmaker feeling my way around the business. I’d seen nothing like it. Immediately it took advantage of my adoration for mechanics, while at the same time reviewing the neon green plastic of my number one Lego play-set from my childhood. Some way or another, this phosphorous green liquid, set against a mechanical foundation of haggles, had the option to cause me to feel like an intrepid pioneer and an overjoyed young child kid simultaneously.

The H2, with its calculated howls and more powerful dial, followed. I adored it. The H3 was cool despite the fact that it never contacted me similarly. The skeltonized H4 was a re-visitation of wonder, and the light-up Metropolis ultimately prevailed upon me regardless of the presence of power ‘stunning’ me for half a month.

The Skull and its numerous varieties was enjoyable. It was about the most extreme degree of garbage I was comfortable with. It was pushing it a piece, yet the obvious specialized accomplishment of twisting that glass fine into a particularly imaginative shape, and afterward compensating for the pressing factor changes expected to push the liquids around the twists at the right speed was shocking. However, at that point they chose to blow the entire thing up.

The H0 was another heading. Gone was the effectively edible watch case outline. In its place, a transcending sapphire mass. Was it trying? Indeed. Was it show-halting? Totally. Was it for me? I’m as yet not completely sure.

Everything about the H0 is offbeat, from its general appearance to the way that it shows the time with liquid in a cylinder. (Image: HYT)

The Road to Acceptance

There is an interaction I experience when I experience vanguard plans interestingly. The absolute worst response I can give is a shrug. Thinking something is ‘fine’ signifies it’s exhausting. On the off chance that somebody has poured their heart, soul, and sketchy mental soundness into pushing the limits of plan, and the most enthusiastic reaction you can marshal is, “No doubt, it’s quite decent,” they have fizzled. You ought to one or the other hop for euphoria or regurgitation on your shoes. There’s nothing amiss with that. Infants regurgitation and children are charming. Evidently…

A solid response is vital for the development of connection. You may adore the HYT H0, you may abhor it. In any case, as long as it causes you to feel something, they’ve succeeded. They have their hooks into you. Also, frankly, they have their paws into me. Once more.

Like other HYT manifestations, the presence of the HYT H0 isn’t at all a ‘goes with everything’ kind of tasteful. (Image: HYT)

The Watch Itself (Finally)

After that roaming prelude, we should get down to the bare essential. The HYT H0 case is generally domed sapphire gem, with an impacted hardened steel base, and a DLC-covered treated steel crown. The lugless case is comfortable regardless of the 48.8mm measurement, yet it stands up on the wrist, coming in at 18.7mm tall. With just 30m water obstruction this isn’t a watch intended for any sort of movement, yet that should come as nothing unexpected.

The degree of plan – and I say plan explicitly instead of craftsmanship – of the dial is genuinely stunning. 63 quietly calculated aspects catch and toss light in an unending dance, impelled by the straightforward development of the wearer’s wrist. The shard-formed aspects are cut utilizing a laser.

Center stage is unquestionably given to HYT’s one of a kind time-telling system. So regularly abused in our industry, the word novel truly applies here gratitude to the innovation being created by HYT’s ‘in-house sister company’ Preciflex.

The idea is very straightforward: The two howls, situated at six o’clock are loaded up with liquid. The one on the left is brimming with shaded liquid (for this situation red), while the one on the privilege is (consistently) brimming with clear liquid. The two liquids course through a similar glass fine. Where they meet is caught by a meager meniscus, imperceptible to the unaided eye. The division among shading and clear demonstrates the progression of time similarly an hour hand ordinarily would. The minutes are perused via a sub-dial at 12 o’clock, and the seconds can be seen through one of four gaps on the dial.

different components obvious through these topsy-turvy dial windows are the twin cries, and the force save pointer, changing shade as the 65-hour save runs down.

Whether you love it or scorn it, it isn’t likely that you have at any point seen a watch very like the HYT H0 previously. (Image: HYT)


Striking, amazingly designed, and altogether crazy, the HYT H0 Time is Precious isn’t a watch for the cowardly. Nor is it a watch with much down to earth application. Immediately, it is a show-stopper. Similar to the standard for HYT’s products is a restricted thing, with only 50 being delivered. The constraint alone makes this watch selective, however the $49,000 sticker price takes it to an entire other level.

At the danger of seeming as though I’m rationalizing the stratospheric value, it is a positive development, and eminently not exactly past uncommon releases that hailed from the more seasoned HYT families. Still a long ways past the scope of simple humans, yet a brilliant work of horological craftsmanship, and something to grovel over among individual fans.